A rundown of all the best places to go out in Cambridge

Where to go and when to go there

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Cambridge nightlife can be confusing, most obviously because the two main clubs are never referred to by their actual names. This is just one of the many quirks of going out in Cambridge, as you will discover (or already have done). Here’s The Tab’s guide to it all, which is hopefully of some use to those struggling to work out where to go and when.

The more serene side of Cambridge by night


Ballare – known as Cindies

Your go-to on a Wednesday for the famous Rumboogie student night. Wednesday Cindies is an institution, but this is also the place to head to on a Tuesday for the ‘Jelly Baby’ night. It’s the best place to dance to all your cheesy favourites and even to the opening sequence of the Lion King (yes, Freshers, you read that right). Cindies has the advantage of all being on one level so there aren’t any tricky staircases to negotiate at the end of the night.

Top tip: Try and get a ticket as queues are often massive.

Kuda – known as Life

The only place worth going to on a Friday or Sunday. Get ready to dance to cliché pop hits (perfect for those who love a sing along).

Top tip: the club is all underground so temperatures are often pretty stifling – don’t go wearing your winter clothes!

Lola Lo’s

This is where you should head on a Thursday night, and only on a Thursday night. As a 3 floor club it is much larger and so not as claustrophobic as Cindies and Life. In my opinion, it has the most attractive décor of all the Cambridge clubs, described on the website as “a tropical South Pacific Paradise” (although I’m not sure I’d go that far!)

Top tip: if you’re feeling up to climbing all the flights of stairs there is a lovely rooftop terrace where you can enjoy your drinks in relative peace.


FAQ: “Do people go here anymore?”

A: The Tab team found out when they ended up here after a recent social, and can confirm the answer is that not many do. Also, in spite of a lack of popularity amongst non-freshers, I do rate their Gin and Juice night if you’re into old school hip hop.

Accurate representation of how lonely we felt on the dance floor of Fez

Other nights to look out for

Arc Soc

One of the most edgy nights out in Cambridge. Does it make you sad that Halloween is the only night which gives you an excuse to wear fancy dress? Fear not, Arc Soc is here. It’s perfect for those who love an excuse to dress up (I’m already planning my outfit for Double Glazed in 2 weeks…) and put excessive amounts of glitter on their face (NYX glitter primer is already in my amazon shopping basket).

Turf and Haze

The other suppliers of alternative nights out. Perfect for when the repetitive tunes of Cindies and Life get a little too much (although we still love them) as they host a wide variety of DJs. Tickets sell out quickly, and final release ones are often obscenely expensive – keep an eye on the Facebook events so you don’t miss out when tickets go on sale.

Post-club snacks

The Trailer (normally referred to as Van) of Life

Where you should be getting your cheesy chips from (NOT Uncle Frank’s). Unfortunately, it closes at 3am so not ideal when you stay out until the clubs close. Sad reacts.

The light to guide you home

The Gardenia – known as Gardies

A fab Greek chips and kebab shop. Has a wider range of foods, but also potentially longer queuing times. It’s open until 5am, so head here if the Van of Life is shut but you’re still desperate for something to help ease the hangover in the morning.


A nationwide classic, but it’s not open past midnight so you’d have to be having a very early night to grab a bite from here.



Great food, great alcohol prices. What’s not to love? Don’t be a Wetherspoons snob! Watch out for DangerSpoons on a Saturday though unless you want to compete with huge mobs at the bar when you want to get a drink.

Top tip: I particularly recommended the pitchers for outstanding cost-effectiveness, but, as the meme goes, “Cocktails are dangerous because they taste like juice, and then you can’t walk.”

Spoons is where the heart is <3

The Maypole

Aka the home and headquarters of The Tab Cambridge – is that not endorsement enough?



Nice décor, nice vibe, nice lighting and good location. Try and get there before 9pm in order to grab 2 cocktails for £9.


Known for their famous flavoured vodka shots.

Top tip: may be an amusing place to visit on the day of the annual Rag Blind Date as it is always full of couples making their awkward first encounters.

Ta Bouche

Home to many Law Soc cocktail events, and conveniently located just metres away from Fez.

Who doesn’t love a cocktail?

Here concludes our whistle-stop of the highlights of Cambridge by night – Freshers, go forth and bev.