BREAKING: Pigeons bring BioChem exam to a standstill

Mill Lane under avian invasion

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Two pigeons interrupted a Biochemistry Paper 5 exam this morning.

Students were part way though a Part II NatSci exam when, in a scene reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock’s ‘The Birds’, two pigeons entered and disrupted the exam. The final paper in the Biochem option was taking place in the Mill Lane library.

Library or bird cage?

They were all moved to another room, with the exam being delayed until 12:45. The proctor apparently quipped: ‘the pigeons have passed.’

Another student present in the exam reported: “We had 20 mins reading time which was fine completely okay nothing happened. Then as soon as they said start the exam we heard a weird flapping and thumps and stuff and then I looked up and a pigeon was flying across the room.

“Then the examiners didn’t know what to do – they started walking round the room following the pigeon trying to catch it – which was so stupid because it was a two story room and naturally the pigeon was on the ceiling.  As they were failing to catch the pigeon they were saying stuff like ‘don’t worry guys we’re doing our best to catch the pigeon we won’t let it stay.”

Although they still had plenty of time to finish the exam, such an interruption can’t have been good for stress levels.

Because of the pigeon disturbances, the students were given extra time. The invigilator apparently said, “don’t worry the pigeon has been dealt with humanely.”

“One of the invigilators made a joke about pigeon pie then said don’t worry I’m vegetarian, as if we cared.”