Government funding GUARANTEED for EU students

Student loans guarantee will not change immediately after Brexit

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EU students beginning their courses in 2018/19 will still be eligible for grants and loans at UK universities despite Britain’s exit from the EU in two years time. 

Students “will not have to pay up-front tuition fees and will remain eligible to receive government-backed loans to cover their tuition fee for the duration of their courses.”

Grants will be available for the full duration of their degree. This includes students taking four year courses, who will be guaranteed funding till 2022, Dr. Tim Bradshaw, the head of the Russell Group of Universities said that “EU students make a huge contribution to the dynamism and culture at Russell Group campuses and we look forward to welcoming future students.”

He also gave reassurances to EU students that their future in the UK education system is secure: “This announcement gives EU students the certainty they need when considering studying in the UK as well as giving our universities clarity to plan ahead.”

One current EU Cambridge student commented: “Surely this is hardly a surprise right? Until you guys officially leave the eu you have to let us study on the same conditions as the British students, that was never even a question”

There have however been no assurances for students beginning courses in 2019/20. Pam Tatlow of MillionPlus which represents modern universities has stated that: “we would have liked to see the government give the same assurances to those students starting courses in 2019/20 as well.”

This is seriously reassuring news for EU students and should at least delay uncertainty about the impact of the Brexit process.