Sidney May Ball dreams crushed by major building project

But it’s not all bad news

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Sidney’s plans to improve catering facilities mean that this year’s freshers won’t get a May Ball.   

The updated spaces, including a new kitchen and buttery will increase capacity and flexibility, they’ll be more sustainable and they’ll provide a much more comfortable working environment for kitchen staff.

Sometimes you have to sacrifice the party for the plans #motivationmondays

However, for the duration of the building works part of the Master’s Garden will be inaccessible, so holding a full May Ball will be impossible. Sidney would be hosting at a 60% capacity, the same number that is being trialled in this year’s June Event.

The college usually hosts their ball every two years – the next was meant to take place in summer 2018, but it looks increasingly as though they will instead have a series of annual June events whilst the work takes place. In any case, this year’s freshers (at least those doing a three-year degree) probably won’t get the chance to experience a proper Sidney May Ball during their time here.

This isn’t the Master’s Garden but it is Sidney looking very cute and summery yay

There have also been concerns surrounding noise levels and a lack of light affecting the accommodation overlooking the Master’s Garden, due to the proposed position of temporary structures.

Some students have expressed disappointment, stating that: ‘may balls r [sic.] the lifeblood of cambridge tbf it’s all v sad.’

Others, however, are totally on board, in particular one vegan who told the Tab ‘I’m happy that future students will not have to experience the shit hall food choices I had to.’

There’s always a silver lining.