LIVEBLOG: RAG Jailbreak 2k17

36 Hour coverage of Cantabs fleeing the bridge for charity

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Are you bored out of your mind slogging through the final work of week 8? Do you wish you could just jet off on a plane across the globe and raise money for charity? Then you should have done jailbreak…

If you made the terrible decision not to do Jailbreak, fear not! You can live the adventures vicariously through The Tab. We will be liveblogging all 36 hours up until the finish line. Last year teams reached as far as Rio de Janerio. How far will they make it this year? Only time will tell. If you want to donate, just click here. 

There are 25 teams participating in Jailbreak this year, all of whom set off at 9am from Parker’s Piece this morning. Keep refreshing to see how your friends are doing, and follow the map to see where in the world everyone is.

At the moment the team that looks to be the winner is heading to Dubai!

[iframe url=”″ width=”1000″ height=”600″]

A full screen version of our Map can be seen here.

21.21: That’s it from us at RAG HQ. Phew. What an incredible 36 hours. From harassing the CUSU candidates to convincing half of Cambridge one of our teams met Bjorn from ABBA and tried to smuggle his nose candy across an international border (we all get carried away sometimes) to doing what we were actually supposed to do (i.e: Liveblog the Jailbreak teams), we have enjoyed every minute of it.

Until next year, and don’t forget to don8.


  1. TEAM 24: Aleksei and Gergo – Dubai: 3,403 miles
  2. TEAM 22: Sarah and Matteo – Lanzarote: 1,766 miles
  3. TEAM 11: Nina and Jack – Ankara: 1,765
  4. JOINT – TEAM 21: Pippa & Alice; TEAM 16: Mohammed & Zaki – Istanbul: 1560 miles


Team 2: Made it to Sofia, Bulgaria. “It might not be Tokyo, but 1200 miles ain’t bad. Also, we’re about to tuck into three massive burgers so we’re not too gutted not to have won.”

Team 3: Ended up in Paris after travelling via coach.

Team 4: Flew to Zurich, Switzerland. “Got fond of Zurich lol. And clearly we did Jailbreak to the fullest, because Ali’s snores are keeping me awake.” (we’re not sure either)

Team 5: On a gondola in Venice, Italy.

Team 7: Admiring the Alps in Lucerne, Switzerland. “Enjoying the weather, views, and properly-sized Toblerones”

Team 8: On the Acropolis in Athens: “Dreams of America crushed, but just like the Trojans we made it to Athens (on two planes) with hidden weapons (our lacrosse sticks) and our journey has to end here. Thank you all for your donations and support!”

Team 9: Finished in Copenhagen, Denmark. “Tak for muligheclen for at deltage! Det har været AWESOME” which translates to ‘Thank you for the opportunity to do this. It’s been awesome!’ In danish.”

Team 10: Made it to Salzburg, Austria. “Renationalise the rail!”

Team 11: Flew to Ankara, Turkey. “For the last 36 hours we’ve been lugging our sleep-deprived, caffeine-addled selves around Europe…and loving every minute of it! We’ve been blown away by the generosity of the people we have met every step of the way – thank you all so much.”

Team 12: Made it to Dusseldorf by hitchhicking!

Team 13: In Geneva, Switzerland. “Birthday parties, libraries, trains stations, and airports – what more can you want?”

Team 14: Also in Salzburg, Austria. “‘When you need something you get meels, you get bredt, you get suowsages’ – wise words from a lovely Austrian man. We had an amazing experience, lots of laughs, and lots of imparted wisdom.”

Team 15: La Plaza De Los Naranjas, Marbella. “We’re being followed by 2 homeless men and it’s terrifying.”

Team 16: Istanbul

Team 17: Also Istanbul.

Team 18: In Venice. Possibly having a gondola race with Team 5.

Team 19: Newcastle, UK – “We are now wheelie tyred and gonna go and get loads of food!”

Team 20: Madrid, Spain

Team 21: Istanbul, again. Come on guys, branch out.

At an aptly named Hotel

Team 22: Southern-most part of Lanzarote.

Team 23: Slovenia. “I mean coming from homerton just a pretty standard journey tbh”

Team 24: THE WINNERS!!!! Dubia, United Arab Emirates – “38,000 steps around London and 3500 miles later, we’re still in disbelief about how far we’ve managed to come! We really hope that our contribution will make a difference to the charities RAG supports.”

Team 25: Budapest.

Team 27: We are pleased to say that Bjorn from ABBA had a change of heart and initiated plan ‘Jailbreak 2.0’ – earlier this evening, he flew to Reykjavik, Iceland and broke Team 27 out of incarceration, using nothing but his soulful harmonies and groovy rhythms. Team 27 have now returned to Kettering, and thus only made it 23 miles from Cambridge. It is safe to say that, though they won our hearts, they have not won Jailbreak. Documentary available soon on Netflix.

20.35 Team 19 have cycled all the way to Newcastle – 253 miles from Cambridge!! Almost as impressive as Girtonians cycling to their lectures the morning after Sunday Life.

20.30 Team 22 are making a last-minute dash for the Southern-most part of Lanzarote.

20.13 Team 23 apparently got bored of their lovely view and have gone to watch an ice hockey match.

20.08 The fundraising total has now reached an impressive £11, 244, not including any money raised by the teams through their mileage sponsorship. Good going.

20.04 Team 23 in Slovenia. Very jealous of their view, but then again I am sat across from RAG President (and BNOC#7) Will McDermott, so who’s the real winner here?

20.01 Less than an hour to go! Team 25 have made it to Budapest, but we’re more impressed that they’re still wearing their costumes. True commitment to the cause.

19.55 Team 9 in Copenhagen, after apparently travelling there on a sailing boat.

19.49 Team 5 are living it up in Venice. When questioned as to why they chose to go there, of all places, we were told that we ‘wouldn’t understand’.

19.43 Team 15, monkeying around in Marbella. They now have plans to get a ferry over to Morocco, which we feel is slightly ambitious in the 1hr 15mins they have left, but we admire their enthusiasm.


19.38 Manchester are apparently also showing concern about Team 27. Cambridge Tab’s reach is clearly further than we ever could have imagined.

19.36 Team 3 are looking cheery in the city of love.

19.25: Team 8143 have reached the moon

19.18: Overall, Team 15 have traveled 2,700 miles. Unfortunately that wasn’t in a straight line.

19:11 Team 14 making friends and busking in Austria. Not entirely sure what the outfit is about, but we have been doing this for 36 hours now and I have learnt not to question these things.

18.34: Team 7 in Switzerland!

18.28: Team 17 and Team 2 are in Bulgaria


18.26: Team 29 have tamed a Giant Squid and are now riding it to Mexico. Hondeley Hondeley!

18.19: Team 11 are in Turkey. Quirky.


18.16: Hope that isn’t drug money… Too soon?

This is Team 20 by the way.

18.13: Team 20 in Madrid!


18.12: Congratulations to Team 19, who cycled all the way to Newcastle.

18.10: Team 17 are not in Marbella, as were previously reported. They are heading to Istanbul.

18.08: In other news, Team 28 through 34 all forgot to do up their seatbelts on a flight out to Rio and fell out of the plane into the Atlantic Ocean.


If you are in the vicinity please send help.

18.02: Both we and Team 27 are really grateful for the outpouring of concern we’ve received from the Cambridge public and other student news outlets. It’s certainly been a wild ride – who would have thought, when they were first talent spotted by Bjorn from ABBA in Kettering, then flown to Malmo in his private jet – in which he served them a cooked breakfast, no less – specially to record a single, then drove them all the way to Copenhagen with a bag full of what he claimed to be “Old Records” but was in fact a massive vat of pure cocaine, that it would have ended like this. With drugs. With felony. With anguish.

We apologise for any dismay caused.

17:48: Team 7 have some killer views in Switzerland

17:02 More updates on team 27 as and when they come in. For Context, Drug Use in Iceland is seriously prohibited. It has been heralded as an legal success story on the control of drugs which other Western countries can aspire to.

16:55 You are at a crossroad.

16:50 Team 21 are in an airport in Ukraine. After much deliberation, they have decided to buy some chocolate.

A good day out, and a good souvenir from Ukraine.

16:42 TAB EXCLUSIVE: The Police Commissioner Will spoke to hasn’t got back yet. Will has agreed on the permission of RAG HQ to send us the correspondence from the British Embassy in Iceland.

Will offers a grimace: “We’d hoped this would be nothing more than a big understanding. But nothing is certain anymore”.

16:30 All hell has broken loose at Jailbreak Liveblog. RAG President Will has just contacted the Icelandic police (for the second time). Due to a communication error Will has been told to ring back in 10 minutes.

We believe – but cannot confirm at this stage due to translation difficulties – that Iceland’s equivalent of the Senior Police Commissioner Lt. Bodvask is searching for an English-Icelandic Translator.

16:20 BREAKING: Horatio and Margaret have been DETAINED at Icelandic Border Security.

We have approached RAG HQ for comment.

16:14 They’re still outside.

16:08 An hour has passed and Will and Luke have left the room.

They’ve just taken a phone call about one of the teams (27, we’re guessing). It’s all about to kick off.

Cheer up guys

15:00 Radio silence from Team 27, we’re concerned..

14:23 Team 23 living it up

13:54 Everything has gone quiet. People are either on planes, asleep, or still missing like Team 27 (we still have no idea what has happened to them).

13:20 Team 23 have made it to Slovenia and Team 11 are in Ankara, Turkey. With eight hours left, there is still all to play for – they could go further, or they could decide just to have a nice sight seeing trip for themselves.

13:02 Team 10 have managed to get themselves caught up in the Special Olympic Games in Austria.

12:58 Team 21 are exhausted, already fast asleep on the plane to the Ukraine

12:28 Team 7: Getting a train from Basel, Switzerland to Lucerne, adding another 50 miles to their total distance traveled. Probably not going to win, but at least they get Swiss chocolate…

12:27 Still no answer from team 27. RAG Pres Will is getting stressed because attempting to call them is getting in the way of his game of snake.

12:16 Team 21: “Alice is having an allergy cos she used too much duty-free perfume”

12:05 The teams that are cycling have made it to Yorkshire. I don’t envy them – cycling for two days straight cannot be fun.

12:03 Still no update for team 27. RAG team are getting concerned – they haven’t been picking up their phones…

12:01 Team 21 are boarding a flight to the Ukraine – not entirely sure if the insurance covers it, but that is probably why it is so cheap…

11:56 Fundraising seems to be going really well – nearly £11,000 has been raised, and Jasp, Ren and Murat have just overtaken the team that have beein consistently in the lead, with £2,360!

11:51 Team 8 are flying to Athens from Zurich, along with 60 units of Swiss chocolate after a successful in flight announcement.

11:15 Haven’t heard from team 27 since they boarded their flight to Iceland… bit concerned.

11:13 Bonding time for team 10 and team 14 in Salzburg airport

11:10 Man down in Team 4 in Zurich. Exhaustion has got the better of them.

Man down

10:48 We’ve finally had updates from most of the teams! Many have been able to escape the country overnight:

Team 2:

Flew to Sofia, Bulgaria

Team 3:

Coached to Paris, France

Team 4:

Flew to Zurich, Switzerland

Team 5:

Flew to Venice, Italy

Team 7:

On the plane to Basal, Switzerland

Team 8:

Currently in Zurich but have a connecting flight to ???

Team 9:

Flying to Copenhagen from Luton

Team 10:

At the airport in Salzburg, Austria, trying to book a hostel to get some sleep

Team 11:

On a plane to Ankara, Turkey

Team 12:

Hitchhiking, currently in the Netherlands on the way to Germany

Team 13:

Had a coach to Cologne booked last night but saw a cheaper flight to Geneva so refunded the coach journey and bought plane tickets instead. Were planning on staying at Imperial but couldn’t find anywhere so crashed at a friend of a friend’s 18th birthday party in Archway where her mum allowed us to sleep in their attic.

Team 14:

At the airport in Salzburg, Austria

Team 15:

We went to the pub with some mates and now they’re with us on a night out in Sweden

Oslo then Malaga???

Also were meant to go to Kuala Lumpur

Team 16:

Booked flights to Turkey but still fundraising #WeLoveCharity

Got kicked out of Stanstead for fudraising…

Now going to burger king

Team 17:

Left Kerem’s house late last night to hop on a flight to Sofia, now heading to Turkey

Team 18:

Thinking about venice…

Correction. In Venice.

Team 19:

After much deliberation, and ringing the Jailbreak teams at 5am and 6am, Team 11 have decided to stay within their means and go to Ankara

Team 20:

Off to Madrid at 13.50pm

Team 21:

Heading for Istanbul 12 – 7.30pm UK time

  • Alice was sick from doing too much talking to people on the train
  • Pippa was talking in her sleep about her plans for Jailbreak – they were pretty good!

Alice after being sick…

Team 22:

On a plane to the Canary Islands

Team 23

Team 23 still going to Slovenia

Team 24

Off to Dubai, arriving mid-afternoon GMT

  • I think these guys are gonna win


Team 25

Survived sleeping rough in Luton

  • Off to Budapest

Living it up in Luton


Dubai: 3,403 miles

Canary Islands: 1,865 miles

Ankara: 1765 miles

Istanbul: 1560 miles

10:17 Not many updates to give apart from the fact that shit got weird in the graveyard shift. Meta tab, board game bloggging, all very confusing.


09:17 Updating from bed rather than RAG HQ because it is a Saturday and it is early. Overnight, some jailbreakers have been updating the Facebook page with photos – Team 2 have just landed in Sofia, Bulgaria!

11:36 Unbelievable scenes from Team 27! Bjorn has apparently paid for them to travel to Iceland!!


22.45: More details from T27 coming soon. In the meantime here’s the lowdown on the rest of the teams:

Team 2: staying in London – going to Bulgaria at 6am

Team 3: Staying in Heathrow

Team 4: Sleeping in Gatwick

Team 5: Staying with friends in London

Team 6: London

Team 7: Sleeping on Gatwick floor

Team 8: London

Team 9: London

Team 10: Gatwick

Team 11: London

Team 12: Utretch, The Netherland

Team 13: Imperial College, London

Team 14: Sleeping in Coach Station

Team 15: Sleeping on the plane

Team 16: Sleeping Heathrow

Team 17: Kerem’s House

Team 18: Staying in London

Team 19: BnB, near Hull

Team 20: Staying in London

Team 21: Friends in London

Team 22: Mexico. Nah, not really. London

Team 23: Staying in Gatwick

Team 24: ditto. God this is dull

Team 25: Possibly staying on a bench in Luton? Maybe wild camping? They’ve gone a bit rogue.

Team 27: Plane to Reykjavík

22.42: Just in – Team 27 are going to Iceland!!!!!

22:35 The time is 22:36, and Jailbreak has entered the grave-yard shift.

19.59: Team 7 have had ‘huge success’ hitting the bars of London and are aiming for the Swiss town of Interlaken next to the Alps

19.52: Bjorn’s said he’ll pay for Team 27 to move on somewhere else! Stay tuned for more

19.40: Team 21: “Alice is helping people but they should be helping us”

19.32: Our pizzas have arrived. If any of the teams get in trouble for the next 15 minutes we ent gonna be happy.

19.05: Team 2 trying in Trafalgar Square

19.03: We’re back after the long trek from Jesus to Queens’! Can report that we have ordered a pizza with the Dominos 2 for 1 student deal.

17.59: RAG HQ is moving to Queens’. Amatey is leaving us for the CUSU results [sad face].

17.44: Team 9 have flights to Copenhagen at 11am

17.31: Team 8 got a free taxi ride to Heathrow from Brian the cabbie!

17.30: Riotous laughter abounds


17.18: Team 7 – ‘alps bound, tomorrow morning at 8:10’

17.16: Team 8 rake it in from ex-lacrosse players

17.14: Team 21 have made it to East India


17.04: Team 12 have hitchhiked all the way to Belgium!

16.48: Great chat with Team 27, who are still hanging out with Bjorn from ABBA.

16.47: Team 21 on their way back to London after an unsuccessful trip to City Airport.

16.45: Team 14 just done a tour of Canary Wharf and raised quite a bit of money! Now they’re off to victimise some wealthy drunk Londoners.

16.40: Team 25 literally in the Church of Scientology’s London Branch right now convincing them to sponsor. RAG hope they’re okay because we don’t have the money to un-brainwash them.

16.39: Congratulations to Team 12 for being the second team out of the country after the incredibly lucky Team 27. They’ve just landed in Calais!

16.38: Team 16 off to Heathrow

16.36: Team 25 working there way round different London businesses

16.34: Energy levels in RAG HQ are low. We’re going to switch over to Queens’ in a minute and hope the fresh air revives us.

16.33: Luke back again! Still reppin Varsity

16:24: Team 22 are off to the Canary islands!

16:06: The Abba adventure continues- but will they find Benny?

15:50: Team 15 here,  showing their commitment to RAG in the only way they could.

15:40: On their journey northwards, Team 19 find a castle and what looks like a wedding party.

15:32: Update of fundraising- we’re currently on £10,498.81- to keep donating click here.

15:17: Team 21 have made it to City Airport! Great work.

15:12: I’ve been doing some research on members of the jailbreak team…

15:06: Team 14 spent their morning serenading the citizens of Cambridge with their ukuleles, raising enough money to take the train to London. We’re yet to hear if their tactics have been similarly successful in the capital.

14:56: You couldn’t make it up.

14:39: We just received a threatening call from the police, warning that if any other fundraisers are found in the station he will ‘nick them’.

14:38: Another strong look, this time from Team 3.

14:35: Team 17’s outfits are attracting more tourist attention than King’s, apparently.

14:33: Team 10 have attempted to secure endorsement from Sir Richard Branson. Though given that they’ve addressed him in their email as ‘Mr Brandon’, the Tab are dubious as to the likelihood of their success…

14:31: Team 10 tried to get an audience with the Lord Mayor but got turned away. Bold.

14:29: Despite the rocky start, Team 17 are now firmly on their way.

14:28: URGENT UPDATE: Daisy Eyre is in fact NOT dyslexic. Will McDermot, president of RAG, remains very much so.

14:14: A tough decision to make from Team 12. Help them decide.

14:12: Team 16 are going to try their luck at the Oxford and Cambridge Club in St James’s, London.

14:07: Team 15 are going strong.

14:03: Spot the difference

14:02: Team 8 have reached the Gherkin. 

14:01: Things are picking up again! Team 3 are trying really hard, but nobody seems as nice as the nice woman


13:56: Team 19 are lost in a bleak muddy wilderness.

13:46: There has been a lull of incoming information. Everyone is in London (apart from team 27). We are playing the Amatey: the Game to pass the time. Play with us:

13:33:Luke has left us to go do a radio show. Cool!!!11!

13:26: Team 27 are being served a delicious brunch on Bjorn’s PRIVATE JET. Yummy. 

13:23: Team 17, Muhammad and Kerem, are now on their way. No other team has been stopped for years. Everybody on the liveblog team was very much taken aback by the incident.

13:22: Team 4 at the London Eye…

13:21: Team 23 have tickets to Slovenia at 11am tomorrow!

13:19: Team 8 at London’s Liverpool Street

13:17: Team 21’s ballot saga continues…

13:13: Team 8, the lacrossers, are on their way to London! 

13:06: It has emerged that Daisy is dyslexic and comments on her inability to spell aeroplane are therefore decidedly not cool. We offer our sincerest apologies. Particularly Will, a fellow dyslexic, who knows the struggle.


13:04: Team 25: “You can’t hide from charity”.


13:03: Team 15 attempt to hitch hike.


12:46: The police have stopped Team 17, because apparently they need a licence to collect money for charity. But they are of course not currently collecting for charity, but in order to get as far away from Cambridge as possible, as any sensible student would. The money comes from the sponsorships. Big drama – we’ll keep you updated.

12:44: Team 21: “Lunch break as unfortunately out of all days today is when we have to sort out our houses for next year #ballotday”


12:42: Team 25 are exhausting.













12:38: As the Tab exclusively revealed previously in this liveblog, CUSU presidential candidate Daisy Eyre has aeronautical spelling trouble. Full investigation out soon.

12:36: Team 25 are on their way to London!

12:34: Team 21 are in Regents Park “Wishing we win Jailbreak”

12:30: Team 7 have tried and failed to get sponsorship from ‘British Antarctic Survey’. Rumour is they’re geographers.

12:22: Team 27 are now leaving Kettering Airport to board BJORN’S PRIVATE JET, making them the first team to have left the country.

Kettering is dominated by the crocketed spire of about 180 feet (55 m) of the Parish church of SS Peter and Paul. Little is known of the origins of the church, its first known priest becoming rector in 1219-20. The chancel is in the Early Decorated style of about 1300, the main fabric of the building being mostly perpendicular, having been rebuilt in the mid 15th century (its tower and spire being remarkably similar to the tower and spire of St Peter’s Oundle). Whether the current building replaced an earlier church on the site is unknown. Two medieval wall paintings, one of two angels with feathered wings, and one of a now faded saint, can still be seen inside the church.

12:21: Yay for nice women!


12:11: Team 24 are on the train and looking very happy about it 

12:09: Team 20 are in Sidg

12:08: Team 12 are in a free taxi from St Albans to Dover with ‘a very chatty Phil’

12:07: Team 24 are on their way to London

12:02: Team 8 has raised £200 and is in their way to London!

11.57: Keir Murison’s response to how far he would make it on Jailbreak: “I would aim to visit my family in Australia but feel that may take longer than the time limit”. It’s a laugh a minute with Keir.

11.56: Team 22 have been spotted in Fitzwilliam College. Strong. Maybe they’ll reach Girton by the end of the day.

11.54: RAG Jailbreak has raised £10.3k so far!

11.46: Daisy Eyre responds. Not a fan of ‘airoplanes’.

11.45: Team 21 reaches London. Platform 9 3/4.

11.43: BREAKING: Team 27 have run into none other than Bjorn Ulvaeus, fourth member of ABBA, who was so impressed by their natural gift for ukulele-based rock that he has offered to take them to play in Malmo, the third biggest city in Sweden.

11.40: Kettering’s economy was built on the boot and shoe industry. With the arrival of railways in the 19th century, industries such as engineering and clothing grew up. The clothing manufacturer Aquascutum built its first factory there in 1909. Kettering’s economy is now based on service and distribution industries due to its central location and transport links.

Kettering’s unemployment rate is amongst the lowest in the UK and has over 80% of its adults in full-time employment. It is home to a wide range of companies including Weetabix, Pegasus Software, RCI Europe, Timsons Ltd and Morrisons Distribution as well as Wicksteed Park, the United Kingdom’s oldest theme park, which now plays host to one and a quarter million visitors every season. It has a very large free playground area, which was built by Wicksteed Playscapes, who are based in Kettering; the company is the world’s oldest-known playground producer.

11.37: Yet more wit from Jack Drury. We questioned him about the hypothetical situation in which CUSU was itself a Jailbreak team – how far would they get? Response: ‘they’re already on Mars’. Goodness.

11.36One member of Team 14 has only just come out of her end of term DoS meeting.

11.34: RAG has tickled the fancy of BNOC no.1.

11.30: Jack Drury weighs in on RAG Jailbreak. “With CUSU in its current state, I don’t blame them for trying to run from Cambridge – I might be doing the same this evening”.

11.26: Team 27 have reached the illustrious town of Kettering en route to Liverpool. Kettering is a town in Northamptonshire, England, about 81 miles (130 km) north of London and 15 miles (24 km) from Northampton. Kettering is mainly situated on the west side of the River Ise, a tributary of the River Nene which meets at Wellingborough. Originally named Cytringan, Kyteringas and Keteiringan in the 10th century, the name Kettering is now taken to mean ‘the place (or territory) of Ketter’s people (or kinsfolk).

11.23: RAG President (BNOC no. 7) has been shaded by Amatey Doku (BNOC no. 1) on Facebook messenger. Read and no reply. Cri everytiem.

11.15: Teams 2, 3 and 9 also on track to London. Deeply unimpressed by London-centrism of this RAG venture. Northern Powerhouse????

11.14: Teams 13, 10 and 17 are on their way to London.

11.11: The livebloggers have returned. Goodbye dear readers!

11.10: Why do they keep liveblogging things anyway?

11.08: Tab is shite. Varsity is bae.

11.06: Luke H-W from Jailbreak here. The Tab livebloggers have got lost wandering round Jesus because they’re freshers. Have sent them this useful and deeply hilarious map.

11:01 London seems to be the place to be – Team 2 are on their way to Liverpool Street.

11:00 Team 10 are at the station, about to get the train into London. A wonderful man named Tim gave them £20!

10:43 Team 12 hitchhiked to Biggleswade and are now on their third ride to Letchworth! Apparently the wife of the last person they caught a ride with studied sexology.

10:30 Team 7 are in the Geography department because one of them had to go and hand in his coursework.

10:29 A tragic setback. Team 19 who are cycling have faced their first puncture, only an hour and a half in.

10:25 Team 16 are already at the station – hopefully the others will be joining them soon, it has been an hour and a half after all…

10:25 Team 8 seem to be very successful – they have had donations from former lacross players on Sidgwick site.

10:13 Team 19 are being even braver, and attempting to cycle to Newcastle. Apparently they are near Ely so seem to be doing pretty well so far.

10:12 Team 8 have apparently already made £100 – they’re in it to win it.

Team 8 for the win??

10:11 Clearly Amatey is the way to go – Team 3 have also gone straight to CUSU to ask for money. He apparently gave them £1 – his generoisity is decreasing…

10:10 Team 27 have apparently already left Cambridge – they are attempting to head to the port of Liverpool and are busking their way.

10:06 Team 10 apparently only need £8 more to be able to get to London – they should hopefully be heading to the station now. Everyone still seems to be stuck in Cambridge though unfortunately.

[iframe url=”″ width=”1000″ height=”600″]

09:50 Team 23 has gone straight to the top and ran to Amatey. Apparently he donated £1.50.

09:46 Only one member of team 20 turned up to set off. We are yet to find out if our poor lonely jailbreaker has been reuinited with his partner #prayforteam20

09:40 The photo album is up and running – hopefully teams will be updating throughout the day to fuel the liveblog.

Awww look how cute they all looked before they all left and realised campaigning in the cold is miserable

09:36 Team 21 looking edgy af

09:34 Conveniently, one of the teams, “The Freedom Movers” has twitter – other teams take note – it is far easier to stalk you if you tweet about it constantly…

[iframe url=”

” width=”700″ height=”300″]

09:31 We’ve seen Julian Huppert in Jesus! He always manages to appear in our livebloggs for some reason.

09:29 Team 21, Pippa and Alice, are currently heading towards their DOS’s office – but they said they aren’t very good students so they’re not sure if they will donate.

09:26 The teams are in: there have been some last minute drop outs – one because a guy cut open his jaw and can no longer eat solid foods (to be honest, a fairly good excuse).


09:22 We made it to Jesus JCR! Tab are deep in RAG HQ, liveblogging all the updates. The early hours are likely to be fairly boring, whilst all the teams are trying to earn money to leave Cambridge. Watch the map below for updates!

[iframe url=”″ width=”1000″ height=”600″]

09:00 GO GO GO – liveblogging is moving to Jesus JCR – be right back

08:54 It is proving immensely difficult to get a picture of all the teams, given there are so many of them!

RAG team gymnastics for an anticlimactic photo

those photography skills tho

08:52 Japan seems like a popular location – Bella and Julie, kitted out in lacrosse kit, are hoping to make it there too.

08:50 One team are apparently late because they were at a supervision. That is dedication.

08:47 Team ‘The Ginger, The Lawyer and The Drunk” are hoping to make it all the way to Tokyo dressed as Ghostbusters… bit ambitious…

08:45 The ‘Banana Brigade’ are hoping they can make it to Egypt. Last year a team succeeded in this, but still failed to win when one team managed to make it all the way to Rio.

08:39 Team ‘An Unexpected Jailbreak’ plan on making it all the way to Mount Doom (I assume that is some sort of sci-fi reference but I am completely clueless as to what).

Is he meant to be Gandalf?

08:35 Keen teams have all gathered on Parkers Piece. As usual, there are some wonderful costumes:

Name a more iconic duo

07:30: Hannah here beginning the liveblog. I am up at an hour no arts student should ever be up – before 8am (literally don’t think I’ve been up this early all term). Teams are going to gather on Parkers Piece from 8:30, before kicking off the whole thing at 9am.