Who’s-who of CUSU: The nominations

Campaigning begins at 9am today – but who is actually running?

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Nominations have closed, the candidates have been briefed and campaigning starts now.

Prepare for your Facebook feeds to be inundated with posts.  We will be following the election until its close, liveblogging the hustings (with CUSU drinking game obviously included) and interviewing the candidates running for President. Interestingly, in comparison with previous years CUSU have significantly relaxed the election rules – most notably candidates are now able to directly criticise one another on their policies.

However, the world of CUSU remains a confusing one, so The Tab is here to give you the lowdown on who is running for all the positions.


The big cheese of CUSU. This is probably the only position you are interested in hearing about. The face of CUSU, the one who adds every single student on Facebook and sends you weekly emails, and who ultimately makes the big decisions, whoever gets the job of President is undoubtedly the Biggest Name on Campus (as this year’s BNOC competition showed.) There are three candidates standing for President:

Jack Drury – Gonville and Caius

Number 48 BNOC Jack told us when we asked about any proud achievements he would like to be included in a brief biography  “I am very proud of my socks: my two favourite pairs are purple polka dots on blue (my baby cousin loves Monsters Inc), and black ones made by the Papal tailors.” In addition to his trousseau, Jack has also been Housing Office on Caius JCR and worked on the May Ball Committee and the ‘Save the Class Lists’ campaign. He has also been a prominent member of Cambridge University Conservative Association.

Daisy Eyre – Jesus

HSPSer Daisy for president would continue the Doku dynasty. Former Jesus JCR President, Daisy is also rumoured to be  CUSU president (and number 1 BNOC) Amatey Doku’s college daughter. She has also been getting in those JCR brownie points for quite some time – before being JCR President Daisy was Welfare Officer.

Keir Murison – Emmanuel

Keir is a Natsci who has decided to venture beyond the lab and interact with the rest of Cambridge. Keir started as a Student Mind’s Cambridge rep in his first year, later beginning a blog about dealing with his depression throughout sixth form. He then went on to become President of Student Minds Cambridge, and has also been Welfare Rep on Emma’s JCR. Keir is also Senior Guest Liason Officer at the Cambridge Union.

All of the other sabbatical positions are uncontested. The non sabb position of University Counsellor, however, does face competition.

Education Officer

Martha Krish – Robinson

Access and Funding Officer

Olivia Hylton-Pennant – Newnham

Credit: Louis Ashworth

Women’s Officer

Lola Olufemi – Selwyn

Welfare and Rights Officer

Micha Frazer-Carroll – Corpus Christi

Disabled Students Officer

Florence Oulds – Homerton

University Counsellor

Joshua Jackson – Queens

Umang Khandelwal – Newnham

Marcel Llavero Pasquina – Girton

The positions of Grad Union President and Ethical Affairs officer received no nominations, so there will have to be a by-election in the future.

Now let the fun and games begin…

If you have any CUSU election drama, send it along to [email protected]