WEEK SEVEN NEWS ROUNDUP: Theft, Elections, and Dirty Work

The end is nigh! Week Seven has passed, and we are all crawling to the finish line, for better or worse.

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A student at Sidney Sussex came across some distressingly misplaced cutlery on the floor of a lift. Apparently, the cutlery had been stolen from the hall as part of an elaborate prank, along with a tile from the floor. Week Seven gets to us all.

Is it a message from another world?

Is it a message from another world?

Classics Faculty Fuck Up

Undergraduates studying Classics will have received a bemusing email from their faculty, with a different thesis title then the one proposed. The situation was later rectified, but it goes to show that when you spend your time studying classical texts, you aren’t particularly good with anything of the modern age.


Magdalene Gets Trumped

One of the candidates running for Magdalene’s JCR President dressed up as Trump for their campaign speech, presumably to galvanize the forgotten white working class members of college. Word still to come on whether their tactics were successful.

Union Uncontested Once More

The Union, home of #freezepeache and nepotism, has begun its latest season of incessant Facebook campaigns, and this time none of the posts are contested. Hacks will be hacks. There just may not be that many of them.

Grandiose and nepotistic

Grandiose and nepotistic

John’s Bins

Students at St. John’s have let the Week Seven get the best of them, leaving their bins out in the hopes that other students will do their dirty work and take them out for them. Maybe they’re just used to having an entire staff at home to do that for them?


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