What do Cambridge students (really) do in a day?

9am: cure cancer. 11am: brunch…

Latin graffiti spotted on luxury housing development

Vandalism Cambridge-style

Careers and Cambridge: Obsession or Anathema?

The culture of careers at Cambridge differs substantially depending on who you talk to

WEEK SEVEN NEWS ROUNDUP: Theft, Elections, and Dirty Work

The end is nigh! Week Seven has passed, and we are all crawling to the finish line, for better or worse.

The Tab est in museo

Quintus est in smoking area


VOTE NOW: We didn’t include Land Economy, just to make things a bit more interesting

REVIEW: Hippolytus

Robyn Bellinger was impressed by Hippolytus, an ancient play with a fresh perspective

Pull the udder one: King’s cows have disappeared

We know we’re milking this one

Beware the Prelimers

Run for the fens, a plague is coming!

Mystic Malcolm: your horoscope by subject

MYSTIC MALCOLM brings dubious news of the future. What will your fate be?

Cambridge’s Most Eccentric Professors – Part 2

BEX SENTANCE rounds up some more of our most wonderfully weird academics.

Tab Tries: Being Roman

LAURA GRAYLING goes to ancient Rome (i.e. Girton College, Cambridge) for an authentic Roman banquet courtesy of the university Classics’ society.

Good Sport: Sam Hunt

10 Questions: Mary Beard

MARY BEARD: “Once naughty, always naughty!” HOLLY STEVENSON talks to Britain’s best known Classicist about Jamie’s Dream School, Kate and Wills’ wedding, and being ‘the thinking man’s Ann Widdecombe.’

Louise Ripley-Duggan

This week, LOUISE RIPLEY-DUGGAN tries sleeping, working, and not going out. And, the results are amazing.

Tab Tries: Chat-Up Lines, Again

After the dubious success of Tab Chat-Up Lines, Mark I, five brave men tested a few more unconventional gems. Expressions of loathing, slaps and offers of prayers for their damaged souls ensued.


TAMARA ASTOR is very happy to see a very sad play very well done.

Classics Don in Coalition Curriculum Spat

Mary Beard has slammed Simon Schama’s role as an advisor on the new history curriculum.

ClassicS Cock-Up

Department left shame-faced after mis-quoting Aristotle on their front door.

Judging Books by their Covers (Round Two)

Can’t be arsed to read? DUNCAN STIBBARD HAWKES returns to tell you which Classics look best.