Corpus votes to remain disaffiliated from CUSU

Is anyone else getting sick of all these referendums?

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Lord Derby described the duty of the British government as preserving a spirit of splendid isolationism, maintaining good relationships with all countries while trying “not to entangle itself with any single or monopolising alliance with any one of them.”

Corpus have decided to continue that tradition, by voting to remain disaffiliated from CUSU in a referendum held yesterday.

A fount of wisdom from beyond the grave.

As with Pexit and Sexit, nothing has changed – the small yet obscenely well-endowed bubble of independence that is Corpus will continue to remain in a spirit of splendid isolation, separate from the largest free condom provider in East Anglia.

Corpus disaffiliated from CUSU in 2010, and this week’s referendum was (like Selwyn’s) the result of the JCR’s constitutional obligation to review policies every three years. With 131 out of 281 eligible Corpuscles casting votes, 77% voted to remain disaffiliated, while 16% voted to remain. In a similar vein to Selwyn’s referendum, a few votes (6.87%) were left blank. The Tab asked this question yesterday, so we’ll ask it again- why bother voting if you’re not going to make a choice?

Corpus, as an elite institution over 650 years old, is truly channeling the populist spirit.

Individual Corpuscles will still be able to join CUSU, but the college as a whole will remain unaffiliated. So fear not- if you’re at Corpus and you want to get your hands on free johnnies of dubious quality, you know what to do. Some reports have said that Corpus’s relationship with CUSU is “once again unclear.”

Yes, it’s the default referendum photo. What of it?

It’s very clear. Brexit will continue to mean Brexit, and Cexit will continue to mean Cexit.