What to do on Halloween

Where to go on the one night of the year you’re allowed to dress up and scare people half to death (unless you’re a killer clown, in which case go away)

Bop Cambridge Club fancy dress Fez Halloween Life Student

All Hallow’s Eve is nearly upon us, and this time around it will be accompanied by three nights of celebrations across Cambridge.

If FOMO scares you more than a witch with a broomstick ever could, then fear not because the Tab is here to help you with a round-up of where to be this Halloween.

Christ’s Halloween Bop

Life (trying to call itself Kuda), Thursday 21:00-03:00

Getting into the Halloween spirit early and dragging the fear fest, Christ’s is kicking things off with a college bop at Life on Thursday night. The night will be Christ’s only to start with, and then open up for all those of us not lucky enough to be at Christ’s at 11pm.

*Disclaimer: not a picture of an actual Christ’s bop*

Queens’ Halloween Bop

Queens’ college bar, Friday 21:30-00:30

Queens’ are following Christ’s with a college bop on Friday night, which has the vaguest and least enthusiastic Facebook description ever: “Yo. Its Halloween. Get spooky and stuff”. Who even uses ‘yo’ anymore?

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Christ’s Films, Saturday 21:00-00:00

Christ’s evidently really enjoy Halloween as they are following their bop by screening The Rocky Horror Pictureshow on Saturday. The film is a cult Halloween classic and it will be accompanied by a sing-along (potentially a scarier prospect than anything else on offer on Saturday).

Twisted Circus

Life (still trying to call itself Kuda), Saturday 22:00-06:00

Life will be staying open until 6am for the return of Twisted Circus (which the event page promises will be bigger and better). Given the recent infestation of killer clowns around the world, a twisted circus is definitely timely, and hopefully scary.

Q’s Slaughterhouse

The Q Club, Saturday 21:00-02:00

Paying tribute to horror classics including Texas Chainsaw Massacre, the Q Club is hosting a homage to the best (or worst, depending on who you are in this scenario) and goriest ways to kill other people. If this sounds like it would be right up your alley, then maybe go and talk to someone about it.

The only thing at risk of being slaughtered will be your political career

Catch a Fire

Cambridge Junction, Saturday 22:00-06:00

The tradition of the Junction Halloween special continues, with the newest instalment promising to be as edgy as usual. You won’t need a costume, but you may need a hallucinogenic.

Neon Moon Halloween Ball

Neon Moon at the Guildhall, Saturday 20:00-02:00

The Neon Moon Pop-up Burlesque is hosting a Grand Halloween Ball. Dress code is vintage chic, and live cabaret is a given as always. The ball is currently sold out, but that’s what the may ball marketplace is for.

Stranger Things: Halloween

Fez, Sunday 22:00-03:00

Keeping things as pop culturally relevant as possible, Fez is celebrating Halloween with a special based on the Netflix hit of the year, Stranger Things. A good fix for those of you who are detoxing after your binge watch of season 1 (so, essentially, everyone).


Halloween Short Film Night

Cambridge Arts Picturehouse, Monday 21:00-23:00

The Picturehouse deserve kudos for getting the Halloween night right (yes, it is indeed on the 31st). They are promising a lineup with zombies, horror and gore selected from their festival archive, presented by the Cambridge Super 8 Group.

College halloween formals 

If the prospect of ghouls makes you want to stay within the hallowed halls of your college, then most colleges will be hosting halloween formals. Echoing the sentiment of the Clare ents’ officer, these are BYOB (Bring Your Own Boos) and are a fun opportunity to dress up (because we need more of those at Cambridge).

Go forth, scare everyone you can find and remember to be a part of #squadghouls.