Cambridge students ATTACKED BY GANG while swimming in Grantchester Meadows

Police investigations are underway

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Last week, five Cambridge students allegedly had bottles flung at them by a group of sixth formers while they were relaxing peacefully in Grantchester Meadows. 

According to Sam Nicholls, who was attacked, the five post-doc reseachers were enjoying the warm summer evening in Grantchester Meadows by swimming in the Cam when a group of “about 50 sixth form students”, who were “drinking alcohol and smoking pot” “began to hurl bottles into the river”.

When asked to stop, the sixth form students allegedly “began to throw bottles at them and threaten them from the bank, using very abusive language, especially towards the sole female university student in the water”.

They then “impeded” the students from climbing out of the water, and one Cambridge student was pushed back into the water and struck by a bottle on the shoulder.

The attack drew blood

Mike Kelly, who was injured, told Cambridge News“They went completely mad; they started squaring up all along the bank, which was quite intimidating, shouting and screaming, saying they would fight us.”

“I went forward to try and mediate the situation, and one of them threw a bottle, got in the river and started pushing me,” he said.

“Then another threw one which hit my shoulder and drew blood. If it had been three inches to my left it would have hit me in the face, and as I was standing in the water if it had knocked me out I would have gone under.”

According to those involved in the incident, “the police were called and the two main perpetrators were identified and an ABH charge against them is currently being considered”.

Allegedly, the same group had “verbally abused another group of Cambridge students the previous day and had left empty bottles and other litter on the river banks and in the river”. The Tab is also aware that another university student cut himself on broken glass in the same spot whilst swimming in the river on that day, requiring stitches.

The deceptively peaceful-looking scene of the crime

For the victims of this unprovoked attack, a seemingly idyllic spot has been ruined. None of those involved feel safe to return to Grantchester Meadows, “given both the serious nature of these incidents and the possibility that something similar may happen again”.

The Cambridgeshire police told The Tab: “We were called at 5.15pm on Wednesday, July 20 to reports of an assault in Grantchester Meadows. A group of 10 to 15 people were involved in a confrontation with another group.

“A man in his 30s received minor injuries as a result of the assault. Officers attended the scene and investigations into the incident continue. A teenage boy was voluntarily interviewed by officers over the weekend.

“Inquiries are ongoing.”