Could you be the next Tab mafia boss?

We’re recruiting Senior Editors for Michaelmas 2016

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Have you always dreamed of running Cambridge’s most read student newspaper? 

Of course you have! Who doesn’t crave ultimate power, access to the best gossip in Cambridge and all the Tab mugs you can fit in your cupboard? Nobody, that’s who, which is why you should apply for either Senior Editor or Deputy Editor. Just follow these steps and in Michaelmas term, all this could be yours.

Step 1: Answer these questions

A. What do you like about the Tab? (150 words)

B. What do you not like about the Tab? (150 words)

C. What would you improve next term? (700 words)

  • Succinctly outline what you think each section is about, focussing on your vision for them next term.
  • The Tab has several really big-hitting articles each term; explain three article ideas you think would get the whole campus talking next term.
  • We recommend detailing one major investigation, one feature/lifestyle piece/competition and one debate topic.

D. Why of all the wonderfully talented people out there should we choose you? (100 words)

Step 2: Choose the three best things you’ve written and explain why they’re great

We need to know that you can write in Tab style, so show us what you’ve got.

Step 3: Email your application to Molly O’Connor and Joseph Spencer ([email protected]) by midnight on Thursday the 2nd of June.

Interviews will take place the following weekend.

Step 4: Rub your hands together gleefully while cackling as you celebrate your newfound ultimate power (maybe).

Don’t forget: Cambridge is where the now world-conquering Tab began.

Applications for section editors will be opening shortly after senior editor applications have closed, so keep your eyes peeled for more positions.