Labour Club passes motion to stop TORY INFILTRATION

Fears that members of other political organisations were attempting to influence elections and policy positions taken by CULC.

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At the University Labour Club’s Lent general meeting, a motion was passed that banned members of other student political societies from voting in the club’s leadership elections.

In a move openly aimed at students who are members of both CUCA and CULC, the Labour Club have decided that it’s their mandate to decide upon policy and leadership related decisions, and the ‘infiltration’ of politically opposed students stands in the way of this goal.

As CULC is directly affiliated with the Labour Party, it was felt that members voting in their elections should not simultaneously be campaigning for, or representing the interests of, other parties.

Concerns were raised about whether this motion would be used against students who held far-left political opinions. CULC did, however, advocate that the motion be applied cautiously.

Elinor Clapson, Chair of the Labour Club, told The Tab that “we felt that [non-Labourites voting in CULC elections and policy decisions] was unfair on our members and could lead to a hypothetical situation where, say, the entire CUCA exec could pay for CULC membership, turn up at our TGM and elect our exec”.

Infiltrating the left since ’95

CUCA has responded to these claims calmly, saying “Naturally we have no intentions remotely similar to what they describe, and one wonders to what end we would wish to elect a CULC exec. That said, CULC’s rules of membership are for that society to decide.”

But as the motion is discriminatory, it’s up to CUSU to confirm whether it can actually be implemented.