Breaking: Apology from Cambridge student who burned money in front of a homeless person

Pembroke College has announced that the student will be returning to Cambridge University

Meet the Candidates

Including a PhD, a nurse and an amateur DJ

Time-out for Tory toddlers

Because Cambridge didn’t already have enough Tories.

CUCA releases Fresher’s Guide “for matriculating ladies and gentlemen”

There were 4 pages dedicated to the specifics and function of formal wear.

Cambridge fights losing war with Tory terror law

The government’s controversial “Prevent” policy looks set to take the fun out of Islamic fundamentalism

Labour Club passes motion to stop TORY INFILTRATION

Fears that members of other political organisations were attempting to influence elections and policy positions taken by CULC.

Tab Guide: How to tell people you go to Cambridge

“What university do you go to?” is possibly the most stressful question a Cambridge student can be asked.

Outrage as tuition fees set to rise at Cambridge

And we’ll have to pay for it all without maintenance grants.

Top 9 places to revise in Cambridge

Excluding libraries…

My family turned Tory to save our mansion

Confessions of a Champagne Socialist

Was voting a waste of time?

Seriously, why did I bother lugging myself all the way back to London to vote?

Tory Boyz

JACK YATES thinks that good acting doesn’t entirely redeem a lukewarm script in Tory Boyz.

Boris St. Johnson Breaks His Silence

Boris St. Johnson speaks out about his controversial three years at Cambridge…

Monk Debunked In Tory Story

Aspiring politico and Trinity Hall lawyer Chris Monk makes his debut BBC appearance, causing access outrage.

No Victories For Student Council Hopefuls

Students lose out in council elections amidst a low turnout.

Fit Councillor

In the run up to the local elections, three student politicos fight for a bigger prize: FIT COUNCILLOR.

Sir Les Hits Out At Charity Tax

Cambridge’s vice-chancellor has hit back against Tory tax plans.

The Iron Lady

Love her or hate her, the Iron Lady is everywhere. But NICOLA BARTLETT isn’t convinced.

The News From The Dark Blues

TIM WIGMORE is back to report on the flop of Oxford’s first carbon neutral ball and OUCA’s attempts to get charitable.

Eddie Izzard on the AV Campaign

‘Tories are like the dementors from Harry Potter. We all know this, we can’t prove it scientifically, but we all know it’s true.’ AMY JEFFS speaks to sexually ambiguous comic EDDIE IZZARD about his commitment to the Yes to AV campaign before tomorrow’s vote.