Will Popplewell

Will Popplewell
Cambridge University


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Outrage as tuition fees set to rise at Cambridge

And we’ll have to pay for it all without maintenance grants.

REVIEW: Downing May Ball

Downing May Ball exceeded even my highest expectations with what, in my opinion, was the best theme of May week.

REVIEW: St John’s May Ball

St. John’s May Ball was excellent. It was not, however, superlative.

REVIEW: Footlights’ Smoker

Will Popplewell gives the Footlights’ Smoker 4 stars hailing it one of the best nights at the ADC this year.

Review: The Strip

SAMANTHA BENSON is puzzled but highly entertained by this jumble of a show.

Review: CUMTS Gala Night – Magic to Do

SAMANTHA BENSON is stunned by this night of musical theatre, which showcased exceptional talent and phenomenal performances

How to be a spy (Preview: We’ll Meet Again)

MARK DANCIGER interviews the three leading ladies of upcoming Corpus Mainshow – ‘We’ll Meet Again’

Review: The Crucible

CONNOR WILLMINGTON-HOLMES finds this production of Miller’s seminal work very impressive.

Review: Eugene Onegin

MARK DANCIGER appreciates his first foray into opera, with a professional and talented production of Eugene Onegin

Review: The Marriage of Figaro

SAMANTHA BENSON enjoyed this funny and well-acted piece, even without really understanding the French

Review: Two Thirds

LILY POSNETT finds a mixed bag in this new student writing, but really likes the good bits.

Review: The Next Round

QUINTIN LANGLEY-COLEMAN is very impressed by this new comedy, and enjoys the onstage bar.

Review: The Weir

MOLLY O’CONNOR is impressed by the good parts of The Weir, but sees a few rough edges.

Confessions of a Costume Designer

EMMA HOLLOWS tells us what it’s like being backstage and dealing with the cast’s dirty laundry.

Review: S.C.O.F.F.! – The Comeback Tour

WILL POPPLEWELL and ZAK GHAZI-TORBATI are impressed with a comedy that will only grow stronger as the run progresses.

Review: Hear Hear

Just wow

Review: The Losters

SAMANTHA BENSON sees potential in new student writing at Robinson College.

Review: The Unprofessionals

ISA BONACHERA is extremely impressed with this new comedy offering by Henry Wilkinson.

Les Justes: Review

MARK DANCIGER is left unmoved by this slow production.

The Double: Review

Relish this rambunctious rabble of ragged rapscallions

Review: Racing Demon

REBEKAH-MIRON CLAYTON is interested, but not blown away, by this production.

Review: Talking Out Loud

Talking Out Loud had such high prospects but SAMANTHA BENSON is disappointed

Review: The 24 Hour Musical – ‘New Year’s Eve’

SAMANTHA BENSON is stunned by this incredible night of music and laughter, all of which was pulled off in 24 hours

Review: Dial M for Improv

RACHEL BIRCHER enjoys parts of ‘Dial M for Improv’, but finds the show flawed

Henry V: Interview with the Director

AOIFE KENNAN interviews professional West-End director, Lisa Blair, who is currently in Cambridge directing the production of Henry V.

Review: trade

ISA BONACHERA finds trade very underwhelming

Review: CUPO presents Great Adventures

MARK DANCIGER finds that CUPO’s latest offering matches up to its stellar reputation.

Review: Picasso Stole the Mona Lisa

ISA BONACHERA is extremely impressed with this comedy powerhouse

Democracy: A Sketch Show – Review

WILL POPPLEWELL gives this sketch show a vote of no confidence

Picasso Stole the Mona Lisa – Preview

Preview: Lean

Telly Visions: A Sketch Show – Review

Telly Visions is alright…

The Authentic Life of Billy the Kid – Review

SAMANTHA BENSON was pretty impressed by this Corpus Playroom production

Introducing Flo Carr: The Tab talks to the ADC Theatre Manager

We got in touch with Flo Carr, Cambridge Alum and ADC Theatre Manager, to chat about her role and the programme for this term

Theatre loses its stars – and wants YOU to get stuck in

You might actually want to read this