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Outrage as tuition fees set to rise at Cambridge

And we’ll have to pay for it all without maintenance grants.

REVIEW: Downing May Ball

Downing May Ball exceeded even my highest expectations with what, in my opinion, was the best theme of May week.

REVIEW: St John’s May Ball

St. John’s May Ball was excellent. It was not, however, superlative.

REVIEW: Footlights’ Smoker

Will Popplewell gives the Footlights’ Smoker 4 stars hailing it one of the best nights at the ADC this year.

Review: The Strip

SAMANTHA BENSON is puzzled but highly entertained by this jumble of a show.

Review: CUMTS Gala Night – Magic to Do

SAMANTHA BENSON is stunned by this night of musical theatre, which showcased exceptional talent and phenomenal performances

How to be a spy (Preview: We’ll Meet Again)

MARK DANCIGER interviews the three leading ladies of upcoming Corpus Mainshow – ‘We’ll Meet Again’

Review: The Crucible

CONNOR WILLMINGTON-HOLMES finds this production of Miller’s seminal work very impressive.

Review: Eugene Onegin

MARK DANCIGER appreciates his first foray into opera, with a professional and talented production of Eugene Onegin

Review: The Marriage of Figaro

SAMANTHA BENSON enjoyed this funny and well-acted piece, even without really understanding the French

Review: Two Thirds

LILY POSNETT finds a mixed bag in this new student writing, but really likes the good bits.

Review: The Next Round

QUINTIN LANGLEY-COLEMAN is very impressed by this new comedy, and enjoys the onstage bar.

Confessions of a Costume Designer

EMMA HOLLOWS tells us what it’s like being backstage and dealing with the cast’s dirty laundry.

Review: S.C.O.F.F.! – The Comeback Tour

WILL POPPLEWELL and ZAK GHAZI-TORBATI are impressed with a comedy that will only grow stronger as the run progresses.

Review: Hear Hear

Just wow

Review: The Losters

SAMANTHA BENSON sees potential in new student writing at Robinson College.

Review: The Unprofessionals

ISA BONACHERA is extremely impressed with this new comedy offering by Henry Wilkinson.

Les Justes: Review

MARK DANCIGER is left unmoved by this slow production.

The Double: Review

Relish this rambunctious rabble of ragged rapscallions

Review: Racing Demon

REBEKAH-MIRON CLAYTON is interested, but not blown away, by this production.