The Iron Lady

Love her or hate her, the Iron Lady is everywhere. But NICOLA BARTLETT isn’t convinced.

The News From The Dark Blues

TIM WIGMORE is back to report on the flop of Oxford’s first carbon neutral ball and OUCA’s attempts to get charitable.

Eddie Izzard on the AV Campaign

‘Tories are like the dementors from Harry Potter. We all know this, we can’t prove it scientifically, but we all know it’s true.’ AMY JEFFS speaks to sexually ambiguous comic EDDIE IZZARD about his commitment to the Yes to AV campaign before tomorrow’s vote.

Big Society: Big Delusion

TOM MOULE testifies as to why the Big Society is nothing more than a Big Excuse.

Were Yesterday’s Protests Pointless?

JUAN ZOBER DE FRANCISCO observes the frustration, passion and confusion at yesterday’s student protests.

Best Comments: Week One

Every day, The Tab’s loyal readers invest the site with their own choice words, some more choice than others. Read our pick of the site’s best comments here.

Agony Aunt: Politically Incorrect

They’re back, they’re disgusting and they’re just as insightful as ever. L&L, we missed you.

Cameron’s Gay Times Gaffe

LUKE HAWKSBEE on David Cameron’s fluffing of questions concerning homosexuality in a recent interview with Gay Times.

Tory Ho!

BEN WEISZ questions David Cameron’s opinions on fox hunting, and wonders whether they were shaped by his upbringing.

Will McAdam

The Mole in the Class System

Tories Say: ‘Save Water, Drink Champagne’

The Cambridge University Conservative Association has been slammed for producting an “elitist” freshers’ guide.