Cambridge conference centre scores BRONZE in UK-wide Travel Awards

You could say the famous red-brick conference centre is BLUSHING with pride.

Cambridge conference centre “Robinson” has scored third place in a UK-based industry excellent program, according to a press release sent to The Tab.

Competition for hosting the world’s moneyed elite can get pretty intense, with vicious posturing taking place every year between the main contenders. These include “Robinson”, “Varsity Hotel”, “Madingley Hall” and “The Pitt Building”.

Fortunately, Robinson offers a stunning variety of punctuationally diverse products to its clients:  “agency+, association+, college+, delegate+” and “green+”.

Wow! Robinson sets aside a large room where clients can set up stalls.

Wow! Robinson sets aside a large room where clients can set up stalls.

But this year’s undisputed winner in the yen-pocketing stakes is indisputably “Robinson”. When Robinson came upon the scene in 1977, few foresaw its inexorable rise to No. 3 in the prestigious charts. But the venue’s winning formula of low rates, good food and cutting edge architecture keeps drawing back the crowds. And of course, its commitment to “thought leadership”.



“It was totally an authentic Cambridge experience,” said one satisfied client, speaking to The Tab.

“Robinson is actually only one street away from “Clare Hall”, one of the university’s 28 or so constituent colleges.  Also, if you look across the road, you can spot the University Library. If you’re patient, you might even see a real live Cambridge student walk past. With books!”

One of Robinson's competitors.

One of Robinson’s competitors.

Robinson’s Conference and Catering Manager said: “We are delighted to have achieved this accolade for the third year in a row. It’s a real vote of confidence from our clients that we are both matching and surpassing expectations on a daily basis. 2015 has been a momentous year, from the opening of the new Crausaz Wordsworth Building to achieving AIM Gold accreditation.

“2016 promises to be a productive year, we have so far registered 11% growth in our meetings and events business (in comparison to the same period in 2015). We have also launched clic+ Club, a series of events which has evolved from our award-winning 2014 event, clic+, and its 2015 sequel. We look forward to building on this success and hope to repeat our success at next year’s awards.”

Robinson doesn’t look like it’s getting complacent, though! Their newest venue is “The Crausaz Wordsworth Building”, which will be hosting a clic+ Club event on 20 March.

Robinson describes itself as one of Cambridge’s “most innovative and forward-thinking” venues. We agree. 

Robinson? More like Robronzon! Congratulations.