Official Crews for the 2016 Cancer Research UK Boat Races were officially announced at Central Hall in Westminster

With just twenty-five days to go, the 162nd Boat Race promises to be an exciting affair.

The Light Blue crew will be a little heavier than Oxford on average by 1.48kg. Our crew is both more experienced than Oxford’s and marginally taller. The Women’s Boat Race features a Cambridge crew which is an average of 4.27kg heavier than their Oxonian counterparts.

Boat Race Crews small

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For the first time ever, both the Presidents of CUBC and OUBC are simultaneously Americans. Hughes Hall Geographer Henry Hoffstot hails from Pennsylvania and is one of three Cantabs who have previously represented their Country at senior international level. The others are twenty-seven year old stroke Lance Tredell – who reads Land Economy and has rowed for Great Britain in the World Rowing Cup – and Peterhouse’s Clemens Auersperg who has competed for Austria.


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Cambridge’s experience is notable in The Boat Race, with four Blues returning for another year compared to Oxford’s one.

The Official Crews for The 2016 Cancer Research UK Boat Race 


Bow: Felix Newman – 83.2kg

2: Ali Abbasi – 88.4kg

3: Charles Fisher – 91.8kg

4: Clemens Auersperg – 90.4kg

5: Luke Juckett – 82.0kg

6: Henry Hoffstot –  92.6kg

7: Ben Ruble – 83.4kg

Stroke: Lance Tredell – 94.2kg

Cox: Ian Middleton – 54.0kg

Total Weight Ex. Cox – 706.0kg

Average Weight Ex. Cox – 88.25kg

Total Weight Inc. Cox – 760.0kg

Average Weight Inc. Cox – 84.44 kg



Bow: George McKirdy – 76.8kg

2: James White – 87.0kg

3: Morgan Gerlak – 85.8kg

4: Joshua Bugajski – 96.4kg

5: Leo Carrington – 87.0kg

6: Jørgen Tveit – 82.4kg

7: Jamie Cook – 84.0kg

Stroke: Nik Hazell – 94.8kg

Cox: Sam Collier – 56.2kg

Total Weight Ex. Cox – 694.2kg

Average Weight Ex. Cox – 86.78kg

Total Weight Inc. Cox – 750.4kg

Average Weight Inc. Cox – 83.38kg


The Official Crews for The 2016 Cancer Research UK Women’s Boat Race 


Bow: Ashton Brown – 81.0kg

2: Fiona Macklin – 64.0kg

3: Alice Jackson – 77.2kg

4: Théa Zabell – 79.4kg

5: Daphne Martschenko – 76.6kg

6: Zara Goozee – 66.2kg

7: Hannah Roberts – 73.6kg

Stroke: Myriam Goudet – 80.4kg

Cox: Rosemary Ostfeld – 50.0kg

Total Weight Ex. Cox – 598.4kg

Average Weight Ex. Cox – 74.80kg

Total Weight Inc. Cox – 648.4kg

Average Weight Inc. Cox – 72.04kg



Bow: Emma Lukasiewicz – 60.4kg

2: Emma Spruce – 72.0kg

3: Joanneke Jansen – 67.0kg

4: Ruth Siddorn – 75.2kg

5: Ëlo Luik – 78.2kg

6: Anastasia Chitty – 71.0kg

7: Maddy Badcott – 74.8kg

Stroke: Lauren Kedar – 65.6kg

Cox: Morgan Baynham-Williams – 60.0kg

Total Weight Ex. Cox – 564.2kg

Average Weight Ex. Cox – 70.53kg

Total Weight Inc. Cox – 624.2kg

Average Weight Inc. Cox – 69.36kg

The 2016 Cancer Research UK Boat Races will take place on Sunday 27th March 2016. The Women’s Boat Race starts at 3:10pm, followed by The Boat Race an hour later, and The Tab will be on the scene with a live blog.