Art installation “inspired by the full moon” placed outside the Union

“The Moon Seat” is part of the Cambridge e-Luminate Festival

As part of the light based artistic show painting buildings and skylines across Cambridge, artists Alex Jenkins and Owen Hindley have constructed an interactive installation, “The Moon Seat”.

Right outside the Union, the artist’s description pictures it as “a playful interactive light exhibition inspired by the full moon”. After you sit on an unassuming wooden box, pressure sensors suddenly activate a  bold light display, while discrete speakers hum ominous, enchanting music.

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As the bright light blares down, “the audience is encouraged to participate by bending the moonlight with their bodies.” You move your hands and make shapes with the shadows, creating and controlling primal images, waving your arms to make shadowy wolves howl.

Even Union President James Hutt was spotted taking a break from the political battlefield

e-Luminate has already lit up Senate House in wacky colours, but “The Moon Seat” is unique in that you get to take part.

If you’re passing by the Union in the evening, make sure to check out how “shadows morph and build fictions out of the darkness, re-awakening within us our desire to wonder about the mysterious power of our ever watchful Moon”.