REVIEW: Pink Week Ball

JAY KAUR finds little fault with a sparkling night full of glitter, boobs and burritos.


Cambridge’s inaugural Pink Week Ball was a sparkling success from start to finish.

As our coach pulled up to our uber mysterious secret destination, we were greeted with a sight that an 8-year old me would’ve wet herself over: a beautiful country house all lit up in pink.

Living out my childhood fantasies, one ball at a time

Greeted by glasses of some sort of mysterious champagne/berry flamingo-esque concoction only added to the excitement of what can only be described as a Mr Blobby-meets-Peppa Pig colour scheme, with the perpetual magenta haze setting the precedent for a fabulously atmospheric evening.

Making a beeline for the alcohol, we were pleasantly surprised with the array of cocktails and other fancy beverages on offer, all in keeping with the theme of the night: pink. And lots of it. The beautifully arranged décor carried guests from room to room, with roses hanging  from ceilings, staircases draped in fairy lights and kitsch jars emitting a gentle fuchsia glow to ensure that even the hallways were a delight to spend time in.

Pretty in pink

The entertainment was also a winner, with Clare College’s Colonel Swanky’s Love Ensemble and a Beyoncé impersonator stealing the show towards the end of the night.

The casino, tarot reader, silent disco and henna station also added to the fun of the night, with the strategically placed photographer meaning that no-one seemed to mind the queues needed to endure before getting glittered up by the extremely popular glitter artists.

Shameless glitter-on-face selfie, you are welcome

Let’s be honest, one of the most important features of any ball is the food, and this one did not disappoint. With cupcakes, fudge, popcorn, paella, burritos and bananas all on offer, guests were sure to brave the cold and keep going back for more.

The “CoppaFeel!” initiative was a fantastic way of highlighting the importance of breast checks for women in a fun, laid-back and relaxed environment, ensuring that the ball also had a practical purpose, with guests also signing pledges to carry out regular self-checks in the future.

Everyone seemed in high spirits throughout the entirety of night, meaning that the ball pulled off the task of combining raising awareness with general merriment.

With over £16,000 raised for an incredible and important cause, the Pink Ball pulled off an absolutely fantastic night, with Pink Week set to come back even bigger and better next year.