New Cambridge restaurant’s grammar gaffe picked up by Pointless star Richard Osman

A new restaurant on Regent Street challenged grammatical norms

It seems a new steak house in Cambridge forgot how to grammar.

Before the new restaurant could correct its mistake, Richard Osman, co-presenter and creator of BBC game show Pointless, revealed the grammatical mistake to the Twittersphere:

The two-meter tall Trinity grad was informed later that day by a Cantab that the restaurant had recognized that something was not right.

He thought it might have been photo-shopped, but we can confirm the apostrophe has departed.

The publicity stunt appears to have gone well for Daniel Steak, with the original tweet being liked over a thousand times.

The Tab is still unsure whether the new restaurant will be unleashing a new kind of steak on the market, what Daniel Steaks are, whether Daniel steaks, what Daniel steaks, and whether steak is a verb.

We will, of course, be reviewing it to find out.