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Meet the editorial team for the Lent 2016 incarnation of The Cambridge Tab.

The Tab is run by a separate editorial team each term. Our section editors edit articles and commission pieces for students who believe in themselves enough to actually want their articles to be read.

All this could be yours. And more. More meaning a t-shirt, free alcohol and readers.

If you want to get published in a newspaper that’s averaged 600,000 views per month over the past year, get in touch with the relevant editors below either via email or Facebook, come to our writers’ meetings when term begins or join our writers’ group. We especially encourage you to write if you plan on applying to the editorial team next term.

In particular, email:

  • [email protected] if you’d like to try writing some news pieces. This is the easiest way to get involved with The Tab and practise your writing style.
  • [email protected] if you’re feeling particularly angsty about something and need to say it to a mass audience. We encourage this. It will be cathartic.
  • [email protected] if you’d like to have a go at doing a features piece (e.g. Tab Tries, Cambridge Room 101, Tab Guide etc.)

We also encourage you to contact our News Editors if there’s a story you think should be investigated or you want to make an anonymous tip-off.

Tab Team Lent 2016

Editors-in-chief: James Wells (Pembroke) and Xavier Bisits (Trinity); [email protected]

Useful for: Complaints, threats, lawsuits

Deputy Editors: Molly O’Connor (Homerton) and Jon Cooper (Pembroke); [email protected]

Useful for: B grade editorial emergencies

News Editors: Jack Benda (Magdalene) and Ellie Olcott (Magdalene); [email protected]

Useful for: Leaking things, mainly sex scandals and bureaucratic slip-ups

Chief News Reporter: Cameron Anderson (Queens’); [email protected]

Useful for: Writing about leaks, esp. sex scandals and bureaucratic slip-ups

Investigation Reporters: Shani Wijetilaka (Trinity) and Jaspreet Koonar (Clare); [email protected]

Useful for: Callously exploiting the Freedom of Information Act before it’s repealed by the haters of liberty

Debate Editors: Natasha Michael (Churchill) and Armin Solimani (Homerton); [email protected]

Useful for: #freezepeach

Interviews Editor: Lottie Howson (Robinson); [email protected]

Useful for: Hard-hitting questions

Features Editors: Oliver Yeates (John’s) and Steph Sinclair (Fitzwilliam); [email protected]

Useful for: Wasting your time

Music Editors: Alfie Lambert (Wolfson) and Jos Gogarty (Trinity Hall); [email protected]

Useful for: Hot tips on how to pretend that you know things about music

Social Media Manager: Ollie Purnell (Selwyn)

Useful for: Using ruthlessly evidence-based social media strategies to force The Tab onto your timeline

Theatre Editors: Jamie Robson (Pembroke) and Justin Yang (Wolfson); [email protected]

Useful for: Saying no to requests for free advertising and waging a never-ending war on nepotistic reviews

Sports Editor: James Grimwood (Trinity Hall); [email protected]

Useful for: Keeping tabs on the football, croquet

Lifestyle and Fashion Editors: Francesco Bell (Trinity) and Anna White (Fitz); [email protected]

Useful for: Edge

Illustrator: Ben Brown (Magdalene)

Useful for: Brutally lampooning all university groups equally

Tab TV editor: Jed White (Queens’); [email protected]

Useful for: Techie wizardry

Tab TV presenters: Finn McRedmond (Peterhouse, chief presenter), Johnny Burrow (Catz), Will Fairbairn & Asher Rosen (Catz), Adam Barlow (Caius), Jerry Cummins (Homerton); [email protected]

Useful for: Mostly drunk interviews

Chief Sub: Hugo Kirby (Pembroke)

Useful for: Maintaining illusion of standards