Rag Lost: Who wore it best?

Vote now on the best costume for this year’s RAG Lost competition!

Early starts can’t deter these keen beans, they pulled out all the stops to impress you and raise money for great causes around cambridge

Team 1 – lord of the rings, i think?

Team 2, the force is awakening in these two

Team 4, I think those might be loaded

Team 5 – happy feet

Team 6 – at least one of them made an effort

Team 7 – won’t santa miss you?

Team 8 – Mickey will be so proud

Team 9 – if nobody has extreme arachnophobia this is a great effort

team 10 – lots of christmas theming going on, its only november

Team 11 – OMFG is that the mister men, childhood in a nutshell

Team 12 – getting creative with cantab stash and left over halloween costumes

Team 14 – Anyone else got frozen fever?

Team 15 – ohhh we have our second pair of dice, but who wore it better?

Team 16 – The guy on the right knows the name of the game, but will he become to distracted trying to find himself?

Team 17 – more wallying, and is that santa crossed with dumbledore, there’s a fanfiction I can’t wait for

Team 18 – ironic labour supporters or going for an interview in daddy’s bank?

Team 19- you’ve only got 24 hours guys, Christmas is a loooooooong way off

Team 21 – They tried…. right?

Team 22 – KING BOBBBBBB [mic drop]

Team 23 – suttle message about where he’d rather be?

Team 24 – In case the rest of the world didn’t realise that we’re basically hogwarts, these girls are sharing the love

Team 25 – Robin Hood of Jack Sparrow, we’ll let you decide

Team 26 – It’s nice to see how charity can bring enemies together

Team 27 – What happens if they lose each other, we’ll never get them back

Team 28 – Who said scientist couldn’t be sexy?

Team 29 – Jailbreak isn’t till next term, never mind guys

Team 30 – Inspector gadget?

Team 31 – It’s batman and robin, not robin and batman, and I’m sick of it

Team 32 – We’ve run out of wally related puns by this point, see previous wallies for witty comment

Team 33 – just chill guys

Team 34 – great artistic work there guys

Team 35 – This is just awesome…

Team 35 – If in doubt smear yourself in paint

team 37 – all they’re missing is some coconuts

That’s all the team, but who has the best style? We’ve picked our favourite for you guys to vote for below