My week in haikus

Didn’t want to fork out that pound for a copy of Notes? It’s alright, we’ve got you covered.

Cambridge diary haiku poetry week

Prepare to raise your mind to meditative contemplation of Michelmas week two through the artful verse of Eimear Charleton.

Prelim. The Poet Realises What She Volunteered For
“Get Involved!” – they say.
So I sign up to the Tab. . .
. . .To write haikus. Why?!

Our poet: contemplative, brooding, mysterious

Monday – The Poet’s First Attempt
Inspiration, sought
in some Sainsbury’s sushi,
is not in fact found.

the taste of dissatisfaction

Tuesday – Shopping
What shame is this? I
try harder to hide buying
cheese rolls than vodka.

sweet nectar, social signifier

Wednesday – Trying to be hip in King’s
We’re drinking outside.
Despite the smoke in the air
it’s quite fucking cold.

Thursday – Facebook shame
Good Lord, is that what
my jaw looks like when I smile?
Now, alas! I frown.

untaggery, douchebaggery

Friday – The poet begins to regret wasting an entire week composing haikus
I have an essay
In fact, I’ve many essays
I should do some work.

Saturday – A Double Haiku in Praise of the Weekend

No supervisions,
classes, or lectures at all!
I have a lie in

Drink coffee slowly
And finally, happily
get round to working.

and so it begins

How are you feeling after that? Mindful of the transience of the struggle of daily life? Not quite sure what just happened? Hungry?