Trinity JCR President: council risking student safety to save money

“Cambridge is not some kind of hamlet whose roads aren’t used after midnight,” he said.

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Trinity’s JCR President is urging students this year to oppose Cambridge Council’s plans to shut off a majority of street lamps in the area between 12:00 am and 6:00 am.

The change is planned to take place halfway through next year, and intended to save thousands of pounds.

This alteration is bad for Trinity students – including most second years – because those returning to Burrell’s Field will have no lit path while coming back from a night out.

Don’t try coming back after midnight.

This is despite the fact that in 2009 there were a number of incidents near Burrell’s Walk leading the college to introduce a minibus shuttle service.

Other areas that will be plunged into darkness as you try to get home from a night out include West Road, Trinity Lane, Senate House Passage, All Saints Passage and Free School Lane.

Trinity’s JCR President, Cornelius Roemer, criticised the plan, which Women’s Officer Charlie Chorley has previously had a go at.

“County Council plans to switch off the majority of street lights in the heart of Cambridge from 12:00 am to 6:00 am to save money. This is a terrible idea. Cambridge is not some kind of hamlet whose roads aren’t used after midnight. One of the proposed dark zones is the foot path from Trinity Lane to the University Library via Orgasm Bridge.

“This is a highly populated path after midnight by students returning from the City Centre after having visited friends or gone out. Switching off lights will make students feel less safe at negligible energy savings of 12 pounds per year per lamp.

“This is an outrageous loss of safety perception for the savings. Trinity College’s Students’ Union will fight against this and we encourage all students to write letters to their County and City Councillors protesting against the cuts.

“Rather than switching off street lights, the County should invest in energy saving LED lamps.”