Cambridge according to Tripadvisor

By and large, we don’t like tourists. It is now confirmed that sometimes, they don’t like us either.

Cambridge the river cam tripadvisor

The weird and wonderful people of the internet; ever happy to slap about some unpopular opinions. The tourists of Cambridge, as lowly a speices as they may be, are not behind the times in this matter.

Here is a smattering of the most unlikely and oddly-phrased thoughts our guests have cared to share.

The River Cam
This chap had strong words to say about our much-celebrated waterway

Don’t be fooled by the postcards, the backs are basically a drug riddled ghetto

but it got high praise indeed from this happy soul

I wouldn’t drink it if I were you mate

One man doesn’t like his rivers in liquid form

What exactly were you expecting?

Cambridge University

This user got more intellectual for having sent some time here

Can we just ignore the hypocrisy of a Tab article mocking a typo?

The Corpus Clock

This man was so angry about that weird bug clock that he made up a word

Who hurt you?

But his outrage doesn’t even come close to this guy’s

Feel the cut of those five passive agressive stars


I’m not sure exactly what’s going on in this review of Newnham college, but I assume there’s meant to be an innuendo in there.

Slightly missing a punchline, as well as the basic premise of tripadvisor.

So next time you struggle to a lecture, dodging and weaving around the selfie sticks, consider the online legacy you could inspire by breaking your stride and snapping one over your knee.