Miranda Gabbott

Miranda Gabbott
Cambridge University


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Has a Caius student written this year’s Christmas number one?

This tune will warm the cockles of your over-worked heart

Best locations for Best Bums

You should get your butt out on the internet and you should do it in style.

Quiz: What kind of Cambridge night out are you?

Hold onto your jungbombs as we embark on a voyage of self-discovery.

Student Minds: Some advice for freshers

If you could go back in time, would you play fresher year differently?

We met the guy who sings in the bin and he’s just as weird as anyone could have hoped

He got into it “for shits and giggles”

Cambridge gave me a strange relationship with food

If obsessiveness had a smell, you’d get whiff of this city from Leeds. No one would make it to Cambridge if they didn’t have a natural tendency to fixate on things.

Better ways to spend your union membership fee

The Cambridge Union: a place where the paninis are cheap, the ceilings are high and the cost of membership could probably buy you a ranch in Ecuador.

Introducing: the Tab’s new agony uncle

Niyi Adelakun is here to solve all of your Cambridge problems

A Cambridge term is basically the same as the Great British Bake Off

This program is what our story would look like if it was written in patisserie cream.

Eight things that happen when you get into Cambridge

From second that fateful letter hit the doormat, you became the golden child of the family, but with this rare achievement comes a strangely predictable series of events.

Cambridge according to Tripadvisor

By and large, we don’t like tourists. It is now confirmed that sometimes, they don’t like us either.

Five reasons to avoid political Facebook arguments

The Facebook branch of the Cambridge bubble is constantly rippling with political tension.

Bring on uni, the summer has ruined my sex life

I flew the nest for a reason

The definitive ranking of Cambridge student stereotypes

From wardrobes full of chinos to a passion for fox hunting, there are hundreds of myths surrounding the students of Cambridge Uni.

Best places to have sex in Cambridge

With a colossal working week that functions as a libido-sucking black hole, many sad Cantabs ask themselves that sad question: “Will I ever have sex again?”

Yes, yes, yes – you will.

Cambridge jargon according to the offer holders

The bubble has its own pretentious dialect

Cambridge in major revamp of sexual assault policy

University to change policy in major U-turn

Cambridge According to the Offer Holders

As we all now know, Cambridge is a special kind of hell, but an easy place to idealise if you’re not currently studying there.

Evil People who went to Cambridge

A rundown of the bigots and baddies who once filled these hallowed halls.

Cambridge First Year told in Disney Songs

A tale as old as time

You don’t actually enjoy May Week as much as you think you do

May Week is the headline act of the Cambridge dream, and many of us fork out the price of a hip operation to join in.

Tab Tries: Getting Arrested

Tom Fraser spends a night at Her Majesty’s pleasure.