In this article we aim TTActfully to reveal this year’s TTA champs.

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As summer blossoms into its full heady glory, the Tab Theatre awards results are ripe and ready to be delivered to you. These results are, of course, not definitive, as the question we put forward was, in its very nature, entirely subjective, and we would very much like to acknowledge this.

We also realise that the results are dependent on where someone is at a certain time and their ability, or lack thereof, to cast a TTA vote, and a myriad of other factors which prevent this method from being “watertight”. Yet, we can still congratulate the people and the shows that were nominated; especially those that gained the most votes out of the hundreds which were cast.

We would like to shout out to all you tru1s who have been so fabulous throughout this whole process: the glorious people who’ve been up for an acclaimed TTA; everyone that cast one or many votes; a sprinkling of avid Facebook supporters; our wonderful editor Charlotte, and the whole Tab team.

Finally, best of luck to all those who will be going up to Edinburgh in August with these, or other, new and exciting, shows.

So. Without further ado, here are your best-but-not-actually-the-best-more-a-subjective-view-of-a-number-of-respondents TTA winners:


Corpus Playroom – The Weir

The Weir, an Olivier Award winning play written by Conor McPherson, was performed in February.

ADC – Equus

Equus, ‘one of the most controversial plays of the twentieth century’, was written by Peter Shaffer and performed this January in Cambridge.


Full show – Sitcom: A Sitcom

Sitcom: A Sitcom is a new show which was performed in Pembroke New Cellars in March.

Sketch show – Cambridge Impronauts: Game of Improv

Game Of Improv was an comic fantasy epic which was improved by the Cambridge Impronauts in the Corpus Playroom in December.



Othello is one of Shakespeare’s best known tragedies and this production’s bold decision to gender-swap a number of the main roles certainly paid off.


UKIP the Musical

UKIP: The Musical was an original musical written by Joshua Peters and Adam Wolf. It was performed in Girton Old Hall in February.


Laura Waldren

Image credit: Johannes Hjorth


Laura nominated for her stunning performances in Othello, The Marlowe Showcase, ‘Tis Pity She’s a Whore, Ajax440, ETG’s Macbeth and Oedipus and Antigone.


Harrison McNeill; Max Roberts

Image credit: Simon Lock

Image credit: Johannes Hjorth


It’s a tie! Harrison was nominated for his performances in Dreaming with Dali, The Weir, The 24 Hour Plays and You Can’t Take It With You and Max was nominated for Of Mice and Men, The Wives of Others, Equus and The Quick and the Damned.

Supporting actress

Posey Mehta

Image credit: Johannes Hjorth


This year Posey has been in an impressive eleven productions, including The Beauty Queen of Leenane, Playhouse Creatures, We’ll Meet Again and Santa is a Scumbag. 

Supporting actor

Patrick Wilson

Patrick was nominated for his performances in UKIP: The Musical, The Coalition and As You Like It. 


Jonah Hauer-King

Image credit: Johannes Hjorth

Jonah has certainly made a big impact in his first year, with commendable performances in After Miss Julie, Road, Equus and Rent. 


Joe Pitts

Image credit: Johannes Hjorth

Joe has lent his considerable vocal talents to The Witches of Eastwick, CUMTS Gala Night 2015: Magic to Do!, CUPO presents ‘Disney in Trinity 3: Be Our Guest’ and BARE.  

Band/ music


RENT had this excellent live band playing the music for this heart-wrenching show every night of their run.


John King

John has directed The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee, The 24 Hour Musical, The Next Round and Snakes! The Musical as well as assistant directed CUADC/Footlights Pantomime 2014: The Emperor’s New Clothes. 

Set design

Lydia Clark

Image credit: Johannes Hjorth

Lydia was nominated for managing to bring the Globe to Cambridge for Henry IV Part I.



Sam Payne

Image credit: Robert Eager

Sam has shone his lights on a number of shows this year including Sophiatown, RENT, Happy Days, BARE and Turn of the Screw

We were unable to provide polls for Musical Director, Choreography, Sound due to a lack of response. (Apologies to all the responders.)

In Michaelmas, Sam is looking forward to continuing as theatre editor. If needed you’ll find her either on the Cam, in the theatre or on the phone to her Mum asking how long something takes to cook. She can be identified by the enormous net she carries to ensnare eager new reviewers.

Phoebe is moving to the niche lands of lifestyle as theatre is far too sophisticated for her. In her place we welcome Molly O’Connor:

Molly started writing reviews for the Tab in order to get free theatre tickets and things just kind of escalated from there. Her hobbies include pretending to be someone she’s not for the sake of validation from strangers (otherwise known as ‘acting’) and looking at pictures of dogs on the internet. Her greatest achievement to date is literally breaking a leg during a performance of High School Musical.

The three of us wish you an awesome summer.