Who showed you the light?

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Please vote for your best-but-not-actually-the-best-more-a-subjective-view-of-a-number-of-respondents lighting design. Kudos to these plays and their lighting designers.

All My Sons

Tue 14th October 2014 – Sat 18th October 2014, at ADC Theatre

The highly successful play had its lighting design taken care of by Shanti Daffern, who has acted frequently as lighting designer this year in shows such as The Cenci and ETG’s Macbeth.

Image credit: Johannes Hjorth


Tue 27th January 2015 – Sat 31st January 2015, at ADC Theatre

This show was illuminated beautifully by Daniel Karaj, who went on to do Blood Wedding.

Image credit: Johannes Hjorth


Tue 10th February 2015 – Sat 14th February 2015, at ADC Theatre

Kathryn Dodds lit the stage of PRAVDA, along with multiple other plays this year including The Marlowe Showcase and The Weir.

Image credit: Johannes Hjorth


Wed 11th March 2015 – Sat 14th March 2015, at ADC Theatre

The lighting of RENT triumphed under Sam Payne, who also did the lighting design on Sophiatown, BARE, The Turn of the Screw and Happy Days this year.

Image credit: Robert Eager

The Strip

Tue 3rd March 2015 – Sat 7th March 2015, at ADC Theatre

The joint endeavours of Hope Chen and Bethany Craik ensured that the lighting of The Strip was much admired.

Image credit: Johannes Hjorth

Way to Heaven

Tue 5th May 2015 – Sat 9th May 2015, at Corpus Playroom

The success of Way to Heaven‘s lighting is down to Johnny King, who has been lighting designer for a grand total of eight plays this year (think The Crucible; Cirque De L’Extraordinaire; Agamemnon).

Image credit: Johannes Hjorth