Four Shakespeare plays. One vote.

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Please vote for your best-but-not-actually-the-best-more-a-subjective-view-of-a-number-of-respondents Shakespeare. All of the well done to these four, all of which played at the ADC:

CoCAST 2014: Much Ado About Nothing

7:45pm, Tue 2nd September 2014
7:45pm, Tue 7th October 2014 – Sat 11th October 2014

‘although not perfect, this is possibly as close as a Cambridge production will get’. Review here.

CUETG 2014: Macbeth

7:45pm, Tue 13th January 2015 – Sat 17th January 2015
2:30pm, Sat 17th January 2015

A strong 2.1 for a ‘subdued interpretation that forces the audience to focus on the psychological aspects of the play’.

Henry IV Part I

7:45pm, Tue 5th May 2015 – Sat 9th May 2015

A ‘traditional and polished performance of Henry IV’. 5 whole stars.


7:45pm, Tue 19th May 2015 – Sat 23rd May 2015

Awarded 3.5 stars from The Tab, the gender-swapping involved in this play ensured that it was extremely well talked of. Mainly in a good way.

We are still welcoming nominations for the other categories. Keep them coming to [email protected].


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