Tab Tries: Walking on fire

Walking on burning coals. Because

charity Feet fire fundraiser tab tries

Yours truly, intrepid Tab reporter, will take part in a firewalk to raise money for Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre.

The firewalk is an annual fundraising event run by CRCC. Last year the event raised over £8000.

I’ll be burnt out at the end of Lent term.

The event will have fundraisers walk barefoot across 20ft of burning embers after undergoing a two hour training session. This will  prepare them for the challenge of taking their first step onto embers burning at around 1200 degrees fahrenheit.

I’m happy to report all fundraisers completed the firewalk un-singed last year (I don’t know how either).

Organiser Maisy Grovestock explains why the event is important: “The Cambridge Rape Crisis Centre provides crucial services for women who have survived or are currently experiencing sexual violence. This year’s Firewalk will be a fantastic opportunity to raise awareness of CRCC’s work and to raise funds to enable us to continue our support”


Christ’s Theodora Tavener, who is also taking part in the foot sauna like no other, spoke about how excited she was to take part in this event.

“For me, overcoming fire is a fantastic representation of CRCC’s work to overcome and deconstruct the myths around rape.”

‘Before’ shot of my feet


I personally will prepare by pouring cool drinks on my feet. And then praying for the best.

The challenge is taking place on the 7th March and is open to all genders. CRCC are still accepting sign ups, so if you’re like to end your Lent term on a good deed, register by sending an email with your name to: [email protected].

If you have any questions about the event itself, feel free to drop them a line as well.

Registration is just £25 or £15 for students and we ask you to raise a minimum sponsorship of £125. Once they’ll send you a fundraising pack full of ideas and sponsorship forms to get you started.

Check out the Facebook event here: