tab tries

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Tab Tries: Van of Death

Quite literally risking my life in the name of journalism…

Tab Tries: Being homeless for a day

BEN BAMBOROUGH STIMSON experiences the plights of Cambridge’s homeless population.

Tab Tries: Being an ARU Student for a day

A-RU serious?

Tab Tries: Ordering three small Domino’s pizzas

We’ve really gone all out this time – what a Herculean monstrosity of a task.

Tab Tries: Walking on fire

Walking on burning coals. Because

Tab Tries: Islamic Friday Prayers

I’m a middle class liberal plagued with cultural guilt

Tab Tries: Anal

After feeling unsatisfied with a fleshlight last year, JOHN BENNETT returns to try anal sex.

Tab Tries: Legal Highs

Human guinea pig extraordinaire LAURA ROLLINS pumps her body full of powerful and potentially dangerous mind-altering chemicals.

Tab Tries: Orbital Physics

Engling by name and actor by nature, ROBBIE AIRD sits in on a NatSci supervision and lives to tell the tale

Tab Tries Tinder

OCTAVIA SHEEPSHANKS went on a mission to find a date on Tinder. This is what happened

TabTV Tries Unicycling

After seeing the guys who unicycle to lectures, Sam Martin, fancied a go. Well he didn’t at all but we forced him to.

Tab Tries – MMA

GUY LINCH and SAM MARTIN try Mixed Martial Arts for TabTV.

Tab Tries: Whisky Tasting

HARRY SHUKMAN steps up in one of his toughest assignments yet to taste high-value whisky at the Union.

Tab Tries: Hot Yoga

NICK SINCLAIR gets hot hot hot…

Tab Tries: Working Formal Hall

Soup, Serbia and absolutely no spillages: LEAF ARBUTHNOT takes her passion for the buttery one step further and works a shift as a waitress at formal hall.

Tab Trains: Cane Fighting

Sports Editor RUPERT MERCER has a go at Cane Fighting, in Tab Trains this week. Turns out it hurts.

Tab Tries: Auditioning For Big Brother

JO HALL is scouted for auditions for Big Brother and discovers the intoxicating lure of fame.

Tab Tries: London Fashion Week

Joy focuses on street style at LFW in today’s instalment. See what caught her eye!

Tab Tries: Being a Street Entertainer

LUCY BUTTERFIELD is cynical about buskers, but The Tab encouraged her to grab a guitar and her best singing voice and become one of them by wooing the passers by of Cambridge with a ditty or two.

Tab Tries: Staying Awake for 36 Hours

With most of Cambridge drowning in a mire of exams, revision and sheer panic, BEN DALTON sees if pulling an all-nighter is really worth it.