Half Way Hall: Half full or half empty?

It’s a mid-everything-kind-of-crisis-but-not-really

In a couple of hours we’ve got our Half Way Hall.

A weird scenario using food and booze to mark the fact we are half way through our degrees. It’s scaring the shit out of me for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, I’m actually terrified of getting dressed. Like a toddler, when I leave my room in the morning my friends often drag me back in and re-dress me for the appropriate climate. The art of getting dressed just hasn’t come naturally.

Not for formal, Georgie…


The dress code is God knows. What the fudge does ‘smart casual day wear’ even mean? I literally have two looks. The classic is pure hobo. Style includes trackies, plus mouldy handed down through the generation jumper, which started out as menswear but I have now used my breasts to indent it into unisex attire.

Other from that all I can really do is going out on the strip in Magaluf kind of bodycon ensemble. Despite the Baltic conditions of Cambridge these two styles come in incredibly handy and are not dedicated to any scenario. Both are actually really adaptable to going out, supervision, lecture, coffee date or just chilling.

Maga’s no judgement for a hunni here

It’s also scary because I literally feel like we just had Matriculation dinner. A year and a half later and here we are again, looking older, pretending to be more stressed, really way cockier yet still in the same sodding seating plan that led to a bottle of soave being glugged down due to pure awkwardness.

We hear our parents talking about their schooldays, and uni days with so many memories. It feels slightly odd that one day those days won’t be ahead of us but behind us. The stories we will tell our kids have already happened.

That notion that this bubble is any second closer to popping is something I don’t have much time for.

For the first few terms uni felt like some sort of fat camp. I’d go away for a few weeks, do some work, get yelled at, eat a packet of Maryland cookies for dinner, make numerous amount of mistakes then I’d just go home and feel like it was a really weird dream.

Freshed-faced Matriculation gals

As the second half of my degree approaches I could definitely take a kind of New Year’s resolution approach. What do I want to do differently in this latter half of uni? I’ve cocked up enough times I know I can’t be doing everything right.

Work harder, maybe. Eat more healthily, seriously need to. But apart from that I guess I’ll just continue as I am. Older, podgier – but still no wiser. Not everything I thought would happen at university has happened. But luckily, my university experience has done nothing but exceed any expectations I had.

I’m still probably going to get drunk, smash up my knee and then tell my Mum I did it by falling off my bike because I’m so desperate for sympathy.

George 1- Morals 0