LOST 2014: Liveblog

We’re liveblogging LOST for the next 24 hours. Check back here for a continuous stream of pithy updates

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Shit the bed, it’s only LOST back again!

Follow our live blog as we trace the steps of the teams in their mission to get back to Cambridge after being dropped off at an unknown location in the UK – with no money, in only 24 hours, and whilst also completing a load of hilarious challenges. Oh and it’s all for charity.

Advice for the intrepid teams on the ground? Messages of encouragement? Want a shout-out? Email us at [email protected] or tweet us @tabcambridge with the hashtag #raggetslost


UPDATE – the morning after the night before

The next couple of teams to return made it to the rag office by 00:30 but we were then left waiting for the last few.

In those hours two of the Lost committee managed a quick trip to Spoons for a cheeky dance. One queen of Lost had to be cycled home in the back of a trike – the excitement was obviously way too much for her.

The next two teams arrived at 02:30 after a quick trip to the Homerton bop.

The final teams coming home that night returned at 03:20, allowing a team of sleepy Lost members to go to bed after 23hrs of being awake.

The two groups staying in Oxford last night are Cambridge bound by bus and will be back with us by 12:40.


23:59  And that concludes our liveblog of what has been a day of carnage, emotion and sheer grit.

Well done to all those who made it back to Cambridge.  Twenty-eight competitors have yet to return – check back tomorrow for updates.

We’ll leave you with this rib-ticklingly hilarious clip from one naughty competitor.



23:43  Gone to sleep already.

23:40  …and they still manage to smile.

23:39  Batman and Rabbit

23:33 Still in Oxford. #secretdefectors


23:27  A rendition of Old MacDonald is resounding round RAG HQ as one team tries to rack up some last minute points.

23:19  The ultimate imposter in New College choir:

23:08  Queens’ freshers are dominating this so much – they’re finishing in their droves.

23:05  Knackered RAG team – stressful day at the office.

22:59  Team has just reached King’s X.  Excitement palpable.

22:44  RAG chief enlightening The Tab: RAG stands for ‘Raise and Give’.

You learn something new every day.

22:43  Can anyone help? RAG team debating the meaning of a Ploughman’s sandwich.

22:25  A satisfied Nicky Collins wasn’t the only one to convince an unsuspecting tourist he was the Oxford Dean: three others were duped by Cantab cunning.

22:23  Erm…

22:19  A great day for the Ashmolean

22:11  Awwwwww

[iframe url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOkKe-q_Ub0″ width=”700″ height=”300″]

22:04  RAG Chief, enjoying the slight lull in arrivals: “I put hair in my nostrils.”

22:01  And they’re back, making a grand entrance at bop.

21:5  Just got at text through from an unnamed competitor: “Do we get more than 15 points if we pierce our ears ourselves?

21:44  May they live in peace and happiness.

[iframe url=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oOkKe-q_Ub0&feature=youtu.be” width=”700″ height=”300″]

21:39  They actually managed Challenge #117 – perform at the acoustic music night in Catz Chapel, Cambridge and receive a round of applause.


21:35  Dedication to the cause

21:32  Some happy finishers…

21:27  The mayor of Oxford is apparently “a shit speaker.”

Course he is.

21:26  “Our bogies were better than your bogies.”

21:25  “Did any of you do bogies?”

[Chorus of ‘yeah’]

The Ashmolean has obviously had a bad day…

21:22  On some ‘interestingly’ dyed hair: “What will your supervisor say?!”

21:21  We’ve got the guy interviewed by the Oxford mayor, a several newly-dyed hairs, and far too many onesies.

21:19  Trouble here at HQ – many many teams have arrive at the same time. So excite.  Much confusing.


21:14  Scintillating atmosphere here in RAG HQ: we’ve got our FOURTH TEAM BACK

21:04  Awwwwww – happy birthday to Sophie who turns a whopping 17 today.  <3

20:58  Just in case you thought this was all just fun & games… It’s not.

Sponsor these deranged people here.

20:53  #sexyporterselfie

20:47  News just in: Amiya and Lizzi are still in Oxford of their own free will.

20:44  We now know Amiya and Lizzi will be staying in The Other Place overnight.  We are unable to confirm whether this was deliberate.

20:22 So cruel, Patrick, so cruel

20:04 The Buskers are back! Third team in and one of them proposed to a woman who said YES. But only because she needed a visa… awks

19:45 Team 2 asked an Oxford porter to take a picture of them and he accidentally took an upside down selfie. Stunning

19:41 Pretty dead at the moment. Everyone seems to be on the bus.

19:17 Majestic and kinda heartbreaking from Team 29

19:13 Flamingo on a trampoline. Didn’t see that coming did ya


18:54 Yep, another proposal – surely someone will hit lucky and actually get hitched today?

18:52 Freaking terrifying. #bananaception

18:50 Doggie style

18:46 Sophie Buck’s on a horse AND it’s her Birthday! Lucky gal

18:45 Awww

18:37 Your guess is as good as mine

18:35 This is excellent


18:33 If you’re in the library play this with the volume on full


18:30 Second team back! Well done Roz and Jess. Lizards/dragons/dinosaurs? Not sure, but jolly good effort what.

18:27 Chasing an Oxford student with a unicorn. Sterling work


18:26 Lost Queen Bryony flummoxed by pull door. Updates to follow

18:25 HQ is abuzz as team phone up claiming to be lost in CAMBRIDGE. Could they be our runners up? !!!!

17:46 They’re here, they’re here!! TEAM 39 are here. Smiling, delirious and dripping. My favourite.

17:44 OMG two teams arriving back in Cambridge.

17:38 They’ve been up since half five, but Team 39 made time to give some flowers to Jean at Tesco. Made her day. So reach into your pockets and pay up.

17:22 So here’s the site – what it’s all about. The money is coming in BUT IT IS TOO SLOW – A MAN GOT HIS EARS PIERCED FOR YOU. So pay up, and you will become a better person immediately. http://fundraise.cambridgerag.org.uk/event/cambridgeragevents-lost

17:10 Meeting the Mayor – Team 21

17:03 Team 22 are looking forward to a long, hard ride back to Cambridge

16:52 The RAG team are working hard…SUCH FUN

16:37 Flamingos in a fire engine

16:30 Team 22 have decided to stay in Oxford. Suppose it beats John’s. Here they are with farmer Mark.

16:20 Whilst Team 46 are dressed as bears asking people to pay for hugs, Team 5 are impersonating police officers

16:14 Team 20 kicked out the Ashmolean for playing bogies. Win. In the meantime, looks like we might have more luck in the Boat Race this year…

16:11 Team 5 doing the Nigel Farage challenge

16:08 It’s no flamingo of desire, but it is a delicious pink ibis.

16:03 Literally no idea what this is

15:58 Boy looks like he’d love a snake in his hand – Team 39, Will and Anthony.


15:54 He proposed… it was a no. No, no, no, no thanks. Better luck next time. Tab love. No successes yet.

15:50 Look, look!! Oxford ‘students’ – 10 points

15:48 Bogies in the Ashmolean Museum, check these guys out…



15:37 The flamingos are turning this into their own blog…send us your pictures to make it your own…in the meantime, here’s our flamingo of desire doing his thing to whet your appetite…

15:34 It’s all getting too much for the RAG Queen (Bryony of Homerton ‘College’)

15:25 Birds of a feather…the flamingos are h-owling with excitement

15:18 So… don’t forget that this is about $$$ – so come on down to http://fundraise.cambridgerag.org.uk/event/cambridgeragevents-lost, find your friends’ teams, and pay up.

15:05 OMG literalah the first group are almost back (ish). WATCH this space for the next exciting update…

14:53 Apparently Team 36 barely know each other. Wandering around doing challenging things in the middle of nowhere, with somebody you’ve only just met– charitable or what?

14:51 Another flamingo snap! So much love for Oxford porters today.

14:47 SUCH DEDICATION. For 15 points, Oscar is getting his EARS PIERCED.

14:45 The flamingoes return! Here’s Oscar with his new best friend.

14:25 To challenge, or not to challenge? Bryony from RAG reckons that it’ll be a neck and neck race as teams decide whether to head back to Cambridge, or complete more challenges for extra points.

14:22 Apparently team 43 had a nice pub lunch with an Oxford professor. Imagine running into your DoS at Spoons– yeah, neither can I.

14:20 Team 2 seem unfazed with the news that they’re pursued by another team– “that’s ok because we left BIKES at Parker’s Piece” they tell us! No wonder they look so happy!

14:18 The race is on! Remember Team 2, currently on the bus back to Cambridge? Well word has it that there’s another team hot on their heels, in another bus.

14:15 Earlier on, Team 47 got themselves a snap (geddit?) imitating a stuffed alligator.

14:13 Seems like Cambridge students are good at this blagging free stuff lark! Team 47 have managed to get themselves a gratis Nando’s meal. Lucky ducks, unlucky chicken

14:10 Well that was quick! Team 2 are already on their way back to Cambridge having got the x5 bus for free! They have literally spent NO MONEY today. Amazing.

13:52 A second strong selfie from Team 6, this time with an officer cadet. GDBO, why are there so many good looking men at the Other Place??

13:50 Another sheep selfie, this time from Team 6. Cheer up sheep, they’re doing it for charity!

13:44 Team 2 modelling a Christchurch porter’s hat. Love that jaunty angle!

13:40 This just in from Team 29. We’d be looking sad too, if we had to wear an Oxford gown!

13:36 BNOC alert! Ali and Toby from Team 10 have just been filmed by Oxford TV talking about Oxford market and Lost.

13:30 Kieran from RAG says this year’s Lost is set to raise their BIGGEST sum ever, at £6703 and counting. Proceeds will go to RAG ballot charities– what are you waiting for? Donate here

13:27 It’s lunchtime and we’re hungry at the CUSU offices. I wonder if anybody’s blagged themselves a free lunch from an Oxford college? (18 POINTS UP FOR GRABS!)

13:17 Anyone getting closer to the Bubble? Send pics to [email protected] or tweet us for a shout out!

12:50: Comparing the shit weather at Oxford with what we’ve got, we really did choose the better uni dontcha think?

12:48 Cantabs finally getting along with the popo?

Ina and Oscar the flamingoes hitch a ride on a POLICE CAR

12:31 Shout out from Team 4– thanks to the lovely lady who helped Cookie Monster and Minnie Mouse by the deer park!

12:27 Sheep selfie. Not bad

12:12 Serious respect. KISSING AND ICE SKATING

12:10 Hehehe

12:08 Shiiiit he said no : (


12:05 Team Rag high fives all round here in Cusu office HQ, apparently they’ve already raised more money than last year #notbadgoing

12:02 We have unconfirmed reports that one team have been invited to a build a teddy bear party! WTF LUCKY BASTARDS

12:00 Lost chiefdog Rowenna says “we are enjoying spying on all the teams around Oxford – the guys busking brought a tear to our eyes” :’)

11:57 Flamingos are dominating the picture feed. Here’s one pouring herself a nice Black Cat

11:55 Reports that one pair have got a whole train carriage doing the Harlem Shake. Impressive, but that’s soooo last year guys

11:53 The Flamingos engage in a spot of daylight robbery

11:49 A team have gone ice skating and got 7 little kids doing the macarena #modernpiedpiper

11:44 TEAMS tweet us @tabcambridge we want to know what you’re up to you twerps

11:41 Some highlights from the challenges list:

Shave a sheep (20 points)
Go to the middle of the Village Green and make a speech (25)
Kiss an Oxford porter (25)
Propose to a stranger (15)

And like literally a million more.

11:35 Where the hell is Witney?

11:30 VIDEO. Apologies for the quality… and yes, that is the theme from Titanic.


11:12 Reports of a team busking in onesies in Oxford! Video to come

10:36 Blakey’s doing it right

10:30 Don’t forget to support your friends and donate here: http://fundraise.cambridgerag.org.uk/event/cambridgeragevents-lost It’s all for excellent causes.

10:28 Flamingo of desire

10:24 Seriously folks, stop posing and get on the motherflipping road, this is a RACE not a bleeding fashion shoot #selfieculture

10:21 There’s something really disturbing about this.

Disturbing or not, the Bananas are first out of the gate as they hitch a ride in a smart car.

10:17 The teams are WASTING TIME POSING FOR PHOTOS rather than just getting the hell on with trying to win! You fools!


10:15 Bryony, self-proclaimed Queen of Lost, is knighted in bizarre cardboard ritual by driver Ted

Ted gains a friend:

10:10 So far everyone seems quite cheerful. Brad texts: “V. excite!!!” Good luck Brad!

10:02 They’re off the bus and onto the road. Interestingly positioned Spongebob mouth here…

9:56 The Mystery location has been revealed: the sleepy village of Charlbury in Oxfordshire. That’s right, our intrepid explores are going to have to brave the Other Place before they can return home…

 9:45 And so it begins. Over 50 pairs of keen Raggers have been dropped off at the Mystery location

Looking perky on da bus.


Driver Ted poses for the camera.