Bulldogs bite the dust as Churchill clamps down on ‘sinister’ old boys’ Pitt Club swap

Senior tutor suggests events are ‘predatory’ and ‘unsavoury’

bulldogs Churchill drinking society sinister swap

The infamous Churchill Bulldogs have been put in the doghouse by the College Council following the last few years’ escalating reports of their disturbing and debauched antics.

The Tab can exclusively reveal details of the disturbingly dubbed “Sinister Swap” — the society’s flagship fresher event — that has, for the first time, been expressly banned this year following allegations of alumni in their mid- to late-twenties scheduling trips up from London in order to attend the event.

Created with the purpose of “sharking” naive new female arrivals to the college following weeks of Facebook stalking, each of the unfortunate invitees receive a handwritten invitation requesting their presence at the Pitt Club “under utmost discretion”.

The place where magic happens. If by ‘magic’ you mean sexual harassment and really, really shit chat

The place where magic happens. If by ‘magic’ you mean sexual harassment and really, really shit chat

Last year, fresher girls were told to:

  • Introduce themselves to the society by outlining their ‘expectations of what the night would bring’ to a room of silent men
  • Line up and take part in a bra-unhooking competition carried out by the old boys
  • Consume increasingly lethal cocktails leading to several girls being taken home in an semi-conscious state by society members

“It was quite scary, really. Obviously at the time we thought we were super cool for having gained an invite, but looking back on it it was really derogatory and exploitative and I wish we hadn’t gone,” reflects one seasoned attendee.

“I’d urge any freshers this year, if it does somehow still run, not to attend — they’re genuinely not worth your time.”

The event was attended by 20-25 Bulldogs (including old boys who looked like they were in their mid twenties, according to attendees) and 15 fresher girls.

Artist's impression of the average Bulldog member's 'pulling' expression

Artist’s impression of the average Bulldog member’s ‘pulling’ expression

Earlier this week, the Senior Tutor sent out an e-mail urging students to “under no circumstances…promot[e] or facilitat[e] interaction between freshers and former students who have graduated” and that there was “no reason why the events [the Bulldogs] hold should be kept secret, unless their purpose is illegitimate or unsavoury; consequently it should not ask students receiving invitations to its events to keep them secret.”

The club has now reportedly cancelled this year’s “Sinister Swap”, which was due to be held at a privately rented house.

Richard Partington raised fears about 'unsavoury' events

Richard Partington raised fears about ‘unsavoury’ events

The Bulldogs have long been labouring under the false impression that they are “lads” who command the respect of their peers and run the college.

“They’re literally the biggest bunch of twats, even the freshers have better chat than them. Not only that, but last year they made my life absolute hell with their derogatory remarks,” admits one second year who asked to remain anonymous.

Good on Churchill for finally putting the ‘dogs in their place.