ARTworks: The Charity Art Fair

LARA FERRIS explored an affordable art fair in the centre of Cambridge.

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On Saturday 7th June, Michaelhouse Café hosted ARTworks, a charity art fair featuring local and student artists, and organised by Cambridge Hub.

Fort those who don’t know, Cambridge Hub is a student-run organisation dedicated to the promotion of ethical and sustainable activities within Cambridge: their aim is to inspire social change within the student body. This exhibition was a moment to try and raise money for its various local projects. The daytime viewing was followed by an evening of wine, live music, and an auction of the artwork on show during the day, with a percentage of the sale of the art going towards Cambridge Hub .

Beautiful ARTworks at Michaelhouse Cafe

For one day, ARTworks took over St Michael’s Church, located within the Cafe, and literally covered the space with art. Pews were decorated, walls were hung, tables were adorned. You couldn’t move for affordably-priced art, and while some of it was a bit naff (over-edited photographs of King’s Parade come to mind) some of it was really very good. And it was all definitely extremely affordable.

Prices ranged from £5 to £500, but most of it was under the £100 mark, and very tempting. I had to stop myself from spending my May Week savings on a beautifully framed vintage poster and a fun neon-pink oil painting.

Residents of Cambridge admire the art

Art that wasn’t sold during the day was sold at the evening auction, and I’m sure that those who went along picked up some serious bargains, ready to decorate their rooms with next term. In total, 46 artists exhibited in the space, and although their subjects and mediums were wide-ranging, they were all linked by the desire to raise money for a charitable cause. Of course, the themes of some of the paintings were close to The Tab’s heart…

Art’s best bums?

Although ARTworks was only present in Cambridge for one day, I am sure that it will be returning soon, as it was popular both among the visitors to the café and the exhibitioning artists, and is a great way to raise money for a charitable cause. Cambridge students do not have much opportunity to showcase their art to a possible market, and it is important to support the artistic endeavours of our talented neighbours and supervision partners amongst us by going to events such as these.

Plus, for the wannabe-Charles Saatchis amongst you, it’s a very affordable way to start your own art collection!

To find out more about Cambridge Hub, visit their website, and if you want to get involved with ARTworks, email the organisers at [email protected]