For Peas’ Sake! Newnham Gardener’s Garden Obliterated in Freak Accident

A car collision destroyed Newnham College gardener Jason Causton’s beloved garden on Wednesday afternoon.

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The BMW convertible which plunged through the garden fence at Causton’s King’s Hedges residence undid 15 years of hard work. After the driver lost control of the vehicle, it crashed through the garden fence and became wedged in the patio doors of the house.

Both the driver and one passenger in the vehicle suffered non-life-threatening injuries, while a second passenger was left in shock. In the process, Causton’s 15 x 20 foot garden plot, which had won “best in show” and “best established” awards at the City Council’s garden awards last year, was ruined.

The gardens at Newnham are a far cry from the devastation that Causton saw when he returned home.

The Caustons neighbour, Dawn Trigwell, was also affected by the incident, as she was left with a large hole in her fence, debris in her garden, and her washing line knocked over. Trigwell works at Pembroke College, managing the college bar.

Speaking about the accident, Causton tills it like it is: “I’m absolutely devastated.

“It’s taken 15 years to get the garden the way it was and it’s gone in 30 seconds.

“There are roses that have been growing for 15 or 16 years and they are literally gone.

“The whole garden is gone. There’s literally nothing left.”

He added: “We have two house cats that don’t go out and my first concern was for them.

“They are in shock upstairs at the moment, but then obviously seeing the garden as it was – it’s like a bomb has hit it.”

Describing her shock at the news, a-maized at the situation, a Newnham finalist reading English said, “While I don’t know our gardener personally, it certainly sounds like this is a huge loss for him. I hope that he and his wife can recover from the shock of this incident.”

If the lovely grounds at Newnham are anything to go by and he doesn’t throw in the trowel, we’re confident that Causton can fix up his garden soon.