Flying Success! Brother of Bride will make Wedding by Helicopter

In 24 hours Louis McBride has raised enough money to hire a helicopter that can take him to his sister’s wedding.

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Students all over Cambridge can now sleep easy: ‘Cambridge’s nicest guy’ has now managed to raise enough money to see his sister tie the knot. 

Less than 24 hours after The Tab publicised his appeal, King’s fresher Louis McBride achieved the £2,000 needed to hire a helicopter to whisk him away to the Wiltshire wedding.

He told The Tab “I’m hopeful to give anything over £2,000 to East Anglia Air Ambulance.”

The 'Nicest' Man in Cambridge

‘Cambridge’s nicest guy’?

Sister Zoe sent him a text which he said read “I can’t begin to descibe how happy I am that you can come to the wedding.  I owe your wonderful friends for organising this and so much more for supporting it.”

But the the stunt has attracted its fair share of controversy in the press.  The Tab caught up with him to find out his reaction:

His post on Overheard in Cambridge was hastily taken down after ‘debate’ became heated.  The Huffington Post’s cynical report comes after coverage from the Independent and Cambridge News.

Varsity slammed Louis’ appeal, saying it indicated he had an “attitude of superiority coupled with a good dose of ignorance.”

“The lack of awareness implicit in this behaviour is born of ignorance and perpetuated in insidious forms.”

Tab commenters branded the move “crass” but ‘MGH’ was sympathetic: “Poor Louis.  His friends have accidentally rendered him unelectable.”

The NatSci was originally aiming for £5,000, to get a faster chopper which would arrive before the ceremony began.  The lower amount means he will arrive 20 minutes in, but before his sister takes the vows.

Travel by car would take three hours and the train would take almost seven.

No traffic in the sky!

East Anglia Air Ambulance said: “It is such a sweet story and we are thrilled that he has promised to donate any extra funds raised to the East Anglian Air Ambulance.

“We rely entirely on public support like this to raise the £7.6 million needed to operate our two life-saving helicopters each year.”

“We wish him the best of luck and hope he gets to the church on time.”

EAAA was already involved in six operations in Cambridge this month alone. To support them, donate on Louis’ page or here.