“It’s like Nazi Germany” UKIP candidate trashes King’s College

UKIP and Green party clash over who is the most fascist as King’s debate gets out of control.

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In King’s Politics’ launch debate, UKIP and Green candidates were embroiled in a row over who was more fascist.

After being subjected to heckling by Green candidate Rupert Read, UKIP’s Mark Hughes said the atmosphere of Keyne’s Hall, King’s was “like Nazi Germany”.

Read’s slick comeback of “take a look in the mirror, mate” left students in fits of giggles.  The spat continued with the Greens reprimanding UKIP for not being worthy of debate and UKIP accusing the Greens of trying to shut it down.

A video given exclusively to The Tab shows Hughes defending himself:

But that wasn’t it for Hughes. In a heated ‘discussion’ with CDE members he was told he “wasn’t welcome in King’s bar” because he was a “racist and a homophobe.”

CDE explained that “he was not a charming man anyway.”

Speaking to us, Hughes insisted:

“I’m not a racist and I’m not a homophobe. Check all my Twitter and all the records. You can see.”

He said he left early because he had a “dinner date.”

Definitely not racist

Late for dinner, and definitely not a racist

Later in the evening, CDE members yelled “Get out Tory scum” at CUCA members as they left the bar.

Speaking to us, Social Ents Officer of CUCA Samuel Carr said:

“It is regrettable that as the Conservative MEP candidate left after the debate, a number of students, one hopes unconnected to King’s Politics Society, decided to shout “Tory scum”.

“However, one almost expects these things from King’s – a college we all know to be dominated by angry left-wingers.”

The actual debate brought up questions on food banks, refugees, unemployment, and the referendum on the EU.

Tory candidate Tom Hunt did a particularly good job at reciting the entire transcript of the PM’s comments on the Andrew Marr show last Sunday. However, he did reassure us land-locked students that he would not blame the fishermen for anti-EU sentiment.


Hunt looking lonely – probably because he went to Oxford

Labour’s Sandy Martin emphasised that he wants a voting age of 16, insisting that would make politicians focus on youth. Martin is notable for his abuse of the chair Micha Eversley, who is also staunchly Labour.

Rupert Read of the Greens, after a bit of corporation-bashing, soon came into his own by abusing UKIP. An excitable figure, he donned a fine waistcoat, though lacked serious political discussion.

Mark Hughes of UKIP was without doubt the most charismatic politician there, though calling the Greens ‘fascists’ was perhaps a slight error of judgement.