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Compensation for strike action demanded by Cambridge students

Strikes have caused rising feeling that students deserve reimbursement for their missed hours

#Endweek5blues: Stop claiming you ‘represent’ me

The campaign that just won’t listen

Week 5 Blues: A reading week isn’t the answer

Finding the time to be ill

CUSU Presidential address – on reading week

CUSU President speaks out on #EndWeek5Blues

‘Safe space campaigns’ have gone too far

CHARLIE BELL is sick of the overbearing, undemocratic campaigns that shut down debate in Cambridge

AMES ‘shittest department in Cambridge’ as survey reveals rampant Uni-wide discontent

And it doesn’t stop there

CDE Garden Party 2014

JACK MCCONNEL reviews CDE Garden Party 2014

“It’s like Nazi Germany” UKIP candidate trashes King’s College

UKIP and Green party clash over who is the most fascist as King’s debate gets out of control.

Why I handed the Union a giant cheque for ‘Sod All’

JESSICA O’DRISCOLL-BREEN explains her motivations for taking part in CDE’s notoriously angry protests.

Strikes? Give me a break

After one too many days off, SEB DAY is tired of university staff striking.

Cambridge Coppers clueless at student ‘spying’ questions

FRANCESCA EBEL and HARRY SHUKMAN question the police on student surveillance.

Don’t Stoop to the EDL’s Level

Ahead of a planned EDL march in February, Cärlchen Jupp implores you not to allow ‘blatant common sense’ to be hijacked.

Leaked Doc: Protestor Penalized For Piss-Poor Poetry

Owen Holland’s 30 month rustication was down to his inability to explain his own poetry.

UPDATE: CUSU’s Quiet Riot for Holland

CUSU and CDE were out in force for Owen Holland, but their protest was a little lacking in loudness.

UPDATE: 30 Month Suspension For Willetts Protester

UPDATE: CUSU and CDE are planning a demonstration in central Cambridge today to protest the University’s sentence.

Uncle A: “Popular” Protest

Uncle A’s back, and he’s getting all topical! That’s right, he went there (the occupation).