The Editors for Easter 2014

Meet the new Easter Term Tab Team.

easter term 2014 Editors new Tab Team

Editors for Easter Term 2014


Editors in Chief: Beth Swords & Josh Simons ([email protected])

Deputy Editor: Patrick Brooks ([email protected])

Editor at Large: Harry Shukman

News: Francesca Ebel & Claudia Leong ([email protected]) Alex Davis (deputy)

Features: Charlotte Ivers & Isobel Gooder ([email protected]) Charlie Dowell & Eloise Davies (deputies)

Debate: Charlie Bell ([email protected]) Joe Goodman (deputy)

Lifestyle: Ben Dalton

Culture: Lara Ferris ([email protected])

Theatre: Will Kennaway ([email protected])

Film: Tim O’Brien

Music: OJ Watson ([email protected]) Julie Hutchinson (deputy)

Fashion: Sophia Flohr & Simi Sandhu ([email protected]) Mariella Salazar (deputy)

Sport: Jack Anderson & Ed Smith ([email protected])

Interviews: Anna Wilmot & Hebe Sandford ([email protected])

TabTV: Mark Danciger & Constance Moss ([email protected])