Why do we put up with this shit?

Infuriated Cärlchen Jupp thinks it’s time for the King’s protesters to think carefully about who should actually ‘fuck off’…

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Well, well, well. Another week, and another opportunity for a small minority, comprised almost entirely of toxic dross, to ruin our reputation as the best university in the world.

This week saw the Chancellor come to Cambridge to discuss policy, not least with the German Finance Minister. Anyone who has the ability to understand the economy would have heard that, amongst other things, this meeting resulted in a joint statement that means that non-Eurozone EU members (like the UK) are protected were there to be further union amongst the Eurozone. It’s no small feat, and it will acutely affect us.

But no. Instead, the big story coming out of Cambridge revolves around the word ‘fuck’.

Because, of course, the best way to interact with and make a serious political point to possibly the most powerful politician in the UK is to tell him to ‘fuck off’, and then to stop the Germans from leaving.

Members of the Cabinet must be quite bored when they come here, given ‘fuck off’ is the only political statement that students at this university ever seem to get reported as saying.

And the perpetrators seem to think this kind of behaviour is actually okay. Rather than have a serious debate about the funding of higher education, they screech like electrocuted foxes about bonfires and bang tin pots like they’re at some kind of primary school run by neonates.

No serious politician would be without their tin pots

No serious politician would be without their tin pots

Since when has it been acceptable to silence opinions – particularly when those opinions are fairly mainstream (of course, not a single protester actually had any idea about what was being discussed)?

Don’t get me wrong, the alleged way the police behaved sounds pretty unacceptable – but the protest association can hardly complain, given they attempted to prevent a foreign dignitary from getting into a car. What possesses these people? Seriously.

And complaining that government minsters sleep in student beds is just plain moronic – how do these self-defined saviours of the students think that colleges can afford to subsidise their rents and education to the extraordinary degree that they do without conferencing?

You don’t have to be Janet Yellen to realise that for money to be spent, money has to be acquired. But no, they have a superb economic policy answer – let’s shut down all the university’s investments too, especially if they’re in naughty things like defence and security. Thick as two short planks, the lot of them.

Poor George was just trying to have a nice cup of tea

Poor George was just trying to have a nice cup of tea

Why? Just why? Why do we always have to be represented to the media by this seemingly unreconstructed bunch of slimy, pond-bottom dwelling, gelatinous mouth-breathers, whose only actions seem to be counterproductive and pointless?

Ridiculous protests like this ruin the reputation of real students who are here because we want to learn. These actions are the ones that future employers will read about. These protesters are the ‘Cambridge students’ who will appear on newspapers that your gran will pick up tomorrow. Their ridiculous antics are the reason that students will never be taken seriously by adults. The ‘student movement’ is clearly a joke, but students will essentially be entirely ignored in real life debates if this is the way they are seen to behave.

Behaving like this ends up losing any support for any real concerns and alienating everyone.

There is little point acting like an animal, like wild beasts of the field who refuse to debate, refuse to engage, refuse to listen, and refuse to shut up. If anyone should be told to ‘fuck off’, it’s the people who do this kind of thing, day in day out.

They seem to hate everything about this university and in fact this country and everything it stands for. They’ve stolen decent university places from hardworking kids who really wanted to be here to do a degree and not piss about on parades and protests.

And they are the face of ‘student activism’ (whatever that means), and our media presence.

One day they’ll grow up or be arrested (ideally both). Until then, the sensible majority here should start to make their presence felt. Cambridge needs defending against them.

What a bunch of prats.


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