Vodka-n the Ukrainians do?

The Ukrainian society has withdrawn from the Russian society’s vodka party.

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In light of recent events, The Ukrainian society has pulled out of the Russian society’s annual vodka party.

In a Facebook post, one of the party’s organisers, Andrey Malinin, did not specify the vodka-tile events in question but said, “We truly hope that they will be able to rejoin us with tasty Ukrainian Gorilka next year!”


Putin the vodka back into party

Russian forces are currently in de facto control of the Crimean region of Ukraine, after Putin unexpectedly deployed his troops last week. This crisis, which may mean that the Crimea is absorbed back into Russian territory, follows months of violent protests in Kyiv.

Ukrainian student Oleg Naumenko, who was in Kyiv last winter supporting the student protests which kickstarted the Euromaidan movement, was able to shed some light on the society’s move.

“We took this decision about two weeks ago and it wasn’t connected to the fact that the Russian Society will be there too.

“The main motivation was that we thought it would be a little inappropriate to take part in an entertaining event when so many people have died.

“Of course we also wanted to avoid any incident conflicts because we realise that the Russians in Cambridge are hardly related to events in Crimea – but emotions on either side may worsen our relationship.

“Nobody wants this to happen.”

The Vodka party is also hosted by a number of societies, mostly Slavic orientated, but this year will also include the Mexican and Brazilian Society.