Top sites for getting a job

IT correspondant, PIPPA CALVIN, divulges her pretty fucking awesome tips for landing a decent job.

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So, it’s getting to that time of year.

We have to start looking beyond exams, and into the future. How awful. Either you need to get some experience, get a job, or ace an interview. (Already have a job at this stage? Well lucky you. You don’t need this! Go frolic in your employed-ness!) For the rest of us: here are some good sites and articles that should aid you in working your way into the real world. To quote Monica Gellar: “It sucks! You’re gonna love it”.

1. have a good job finder   ( that’s perfect for beginners- if you have absolutely no idea what industry or position you’d be suited for, this is your go-to. You do have to sign up, but they don’t send you a whole load of notifications, and you can set up job alerts for upcoming application deadlines.

Demonstrating that blue and green should not be seen at your interview.

2.    You might notice, Lifehacker makes a few appearances. Because it’s brilliant. This particular article is about how to pimp your Linkedin profile ( They don’t use those terms exactly, but much the same  jist. Linkedin will be especially useful if you’re applying for jobs abroad, doing speculative applications, or wanting to work in tech. (And if you need CV help- get down to the careers centre and get a CV guide!)

3.     Instant Impact (‎) is a relatively new recruitment site that actually got me my first (paid) internship. They aim for small to medium companies and are more selective about the applicants they take on, meaning that they can get you a paid placement or job. Plus, they’re really friendly.

The alliteration hits you like a slap in the face.

4.    So you’ve landed an interview! Well done you. Now, aside from practice questions and making sure you can talk up everything on your CV (including the “spiritual” experience of your gap yah), you need to think about how you look. You know what they say; you don’t get a second chance at a first impression. So here ( are some less thought-of tips to make sure you look your absolute best (and more importantly, like you’ve got your shit together)

Mobbing up as he should be. This opportunity comes once in a lifetime yo.

5.     In general, Entrepreneur ( is a great site. Not only for those working on a startup as the name might indicate, but also for anyone working on the business/marketing/HR side of a company. This can really come in handy for interview prep- getting ideas about strategy, and concrete case studies to talk about. Plus, it can help you when you do get that job, and need to brush up on your business jargon.

The website so slick you’ll feel important just browsing.

So I wish you the best of luck in all your CV-writing, job-applying, interview-going efforts. You’ll smash it!