The Lent Guide To I.T. Procrastination

PIPPA CALVIN has long been absent from her post as I.T. correspondant. Witness her triumphant return as she sorts us out with some Lent procrastination…

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It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Seeing as it’s taken me until halfway through Week 3 to get my arse in gear and write an article, the theme of this article is going to be… (you guessed it) procrastination!

So where do you head to when in need of a good old-fashioned time waste? Buzzfeed and Facebook your go-to options? In need of some new possibilities? Well, fear not. I’m (finally) here to help!

1. Things Organized Neatly

A great site to satisfy your inner neat-freak and waste a bit of time while you’re at it. The concept is simple; it does what it says on the box. But it’s so addictive, especially when there’s a deadline on the horizon. And a bonus? You might even get a new desktop background out of it. Don’t say I don’t treat you!

For lines clean enough to distract you from the stench of your underwear draw…

2. You Rather

This site describes itself as a ‘giant game of would you rather’, as if we hadn’t guessed. It helps you make the difficult decisions in life (Would you rather steal an elderly woman’s purse, or tell 10 orphans that Christmas is cancelled?), and as a bonus, it’ll show you what percentage of people picked the same answer as you. Just so you get an idea of how much of a dickhead you are.

For decisions you’ll have to sleep on…

3. Distractify

This is all pretty self-explanatory. It’s a bit like Buzzfeed, except with even less news content. Want to see the story of a dog and elephant who became BFFs? A woman who makes yoga art? The 31 Worst Puns Ever? Well, guess what? Distractify is your new best friend!

Like Buzzfeed just without the clutter

4. High Existence

This incredible find provides quotes for the masochistic procrastinator. I dont know, maybe you take sick pleasure in procrastination guilt. So visit head over and read all about how ‘Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain’ whilst you’re stuck in a shit-storm of supervision work, thoroughly and painfully ignoring it with a bottle of wine.

“Be like the snow – wash yourself off yourself”

5. Animalsbeingbros

This is a subreddit entirely devoted to such honest-to-God cuteness that it’ll make you want to smuggle your beloved family pet all the way college. Just please don’t blame me when you get sent to the Dean because Mr. Meow crapped all over your carpet while you were out.

For animals cuter than Pusheen…

So there you have it; some of the most perfect ways I can imagine to while away the hours of non-productivity, whilst you await an implosion of your self esteem as The Deadline draws closer.