lent term

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A vioLENT homecoming

Why the Lent holidays suck

Cambridge – Is it all worth it?

The question we all come to ask ourselves

College Life Complications

Got a problem? Shearme has your answer.

Why Lent is my favourite term

Lent term is a monster of modern times. It is big, fat and has a dissertation at the end of it. Some masochists amongst us have learned to love it, however…

The Lent Guide To I.T. Procrastination

PIPPA CALVIN has long been absent from her post as I.T. correspondant. Witness her triumphant return as she sorts us out with some Lent procrastination…

Street Style: The Library

You looked fantastic in the library this week. BEN DALTON was watching.

Vic Sautter: Week 7

This week, VIC addresses the somewhat concerning issue of there being too many beautiful people in Cambridge.

Lucy Butterfield

LUCY BUTTERFIELD finds solace in the goldfish bowl of life.