Vic Sautter

Vic Sautter: Week 8

In her final column, VIC bids a fond farewell to Cambridge and imparts some words of wisdom.

Vic Sautter: Week 7

This week, VIC addresses the somewhat concerning issue of there being too many beautiful people in Cambridge.

Vic Sautter: Week 6

This week, VIC goes old school with a column about herself.

Vic Sautter: Week 5

This week, VIC tackles preconceptions about female members of the ‘nerd community’.

Let’s Talk About OCD

With the arrival of Mental Health Week in Cambridge, Tab Columnist VIC SAUTTER addresses some of the issues raised in her most recent column.

Vic Sautter: Week 4

This week, VIC turns to serious matters.

Vic Sautter: Week 3

This week, VIC dreams a dream…that everyone shuts up at the cinema.

Vic Sautter: Week 2

Vic turns philosopher in her second column.