Street Style: The Library

You looked fantastic in the library this week. BEN DALTON was watching.

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Lent is, without doubt, the most awful term ever invented in the world. I know this because Charlie Bell told me.

When nine out of every ten minutes will be spent choking down Derrida whilst Lapwing jealously tries to snag your enjoyment of the Avatar soundtrack, sartorial library decisions could not be more important.

Yesterday, Hunter Allen demonstrated that the only way for men to dress for bed is in a full-length cranberry body-sock. Whilst I concur that the library is a very different space, the hit volumnist’s vibrancy can and must teach us a thing or two. The right scarf can act as smelling salts to a man-down at stack-requests, whilst a pair of sturdy soles can be the difference between standing up to re-fill your bottle and perishing slowly of deathless thirst.

Here’s what you wore to the library this week:

Duncan, MML at John’s. Fervent in fur.

Josie, MML at Caius. She tells us this is her “Emma Thompson” vibe.

Amy, history at Trinity. Working a lovely pair of loose velvet shorts.

Jordan, HSPS at Fitz. Teaming block colours with a high reach for maximum impact.

Kesia, MML at King’s.

Kiki, MML at Murray Edwards. Ankles out, smile to boot.

Nina, History of Art at Magdalene.

Lulu, MML at Magdalene. White shoes, big book.

Jess, MML at Robinson. Ravishing in red at the lockers.

Sophia, MML, and Chloe, HSPS. Both at Fitz.

Rosie, History of Art at Fitz, tells us she chose hotpants for her date with “A History Of Archeology”