Pair prosecuted for drunken attack outside Trailer of Life

Two teenagers have pleaded guilty to injuring three Cambridge students and three members of the public last November.

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Nathan Taylor, 19, and Kieran Griffiths, 18, were prosecuted at Cambridge Magistrates’ Court on Friday for their brutal behaviour.

Sally Rose, prosecuting, described the attack as “serious affray”. She explained how having finished their studies for the night, the students visited the Trailer of Life on Market Square for some food.

On their way, one of the attackers shouted out to them, causing the students to hurry towards the trailer. However, one of the defendants grabbed one of them by the face and pushed him around to the front of the trailer.

Two members of the public tried to intervene but were punched by the defendants and one of them had their head stamped on.

The trailer’s co-owner, Mr Duda, also attempted to intervene and suffered a fractured jaw for his efforts, forcing him to have puréed food for six weeks.

CCTV footage from the Trailer of Life provided evidence of the attack

Speaking to The Tab, Mr Duda recalls:

“I was knocked unconscious by the attackers and only remember waking up waiting for the police to arrive.”

“Since the attack I worry mostly about Freshers for they have no idea what locals are capable of doing when they are drunk. I wouldn’t advise students to go out on a Friday and Saturday.

Elizabeth Cox, chief magistrate, said “We have chosen to commit the case to Cambridge Crown Court for sentencing as the offences are so serious that they need greater punishment than we can give.”

The teenagers will be sentenced at Cambridge Crown Court

The pair were granted unconditional bail until their appearance at crown court. A date for sentencing has not yet been set.