The Team

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The Team for Lent Term 2014

Editors in Chief: Will Heilpern & Mollie Wintle ([email protected])

Deputy Editor: Ben Dalton (deputyeditor@)

News: Francesca Ebel & Claudia Leong (news@) Alex Davis (deputy)

Features: Beth Swords (features@) Patrick Brooks & Isobel Gooder (deputies)

Lifestyle: Lauren Chaplin

Debate: Josh Simons & Tim Squirrell (debate@) Charlotte Ivers (deputy)

Culture: Chloe Coleman and Leyla Lesniarek-Hamid (culture@)

Theatre: Lara Ferris & Will Kennaway (theatre@)

Film: Leaf Arbuthnot

Music: Jonny Watkins & OJ Watson (music@)

Fashion: Sophia Flohr & Mariella Salazar (fashion@)

Sport: Tom Bennett & Henry Pritch (sport@)

Interviews: Anna Wilmot (interviews@)

TabTV: Mark Danciger (tabtv@)

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